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Index   Paul Bourke - Personal Pages
       geometry   Geometry, Surfaces, Curves, Polyhedra
             geometry/reflected   Calculating reflected ray
             geometry/kidney   Kidney Surface
             geometry/hunt   Hunt surface
             geometry/gayla_chandler   Polyhedra Photography by Gayla Chandler
             geometry/ghostplane   Ghost Plane
             geometry/bow2d   Bow curve (2D)
             geometry/ellipsecirc   Circumference of an Ellipse
             geometry/kusnerschmitt   Kusner-Schmitt
             geometry/stiletto   Stiletto
             geometry/agnesi   Agnesi curve
             geometry/pillow   Pillow shape
             geometry/tractrix   Tractrix Based Minimal
             geometry/sphericalh   Spherical Harmonics
             geometry/timestar   TimeStar
             geometry/decocube   Decocube surface
             geometry/freethsnephroid   Freeths Nephroid
             geometry/cissoiddiocles   Cissoid of Diocles
             geometry/orthocircle   Orthocircle surface
             geometry/kleincycloid   Klein Cycloid, Banchoff's Kleinbottle
             geometry/monkey   Monkey Saddle
             geometry/conchoidnicomedes   Conchoid of Nicomedes
             geometry/tranguloid   Tranguloid Trefoil
             geometry/cube   The cube
             geometry/tetraellipse   Tetrahedral Ellipse
             geometry/pilz   Pilz surface
             geometry/triaxial   Twisted Triaxial
             geometry/gerhard   Gerhard Miehlich
             geometry/diamond   Diamond
             geometry/cylinders   Intersecting cylinders
             geometry/waterman   Waterman Polyhedra
             geometry/borromean   Borromean Rings
             geometry/cayleysextic   Cayleys Sextic
             geometry/ennepers   Ennepers
             geometry/triaxtear   Triaxial Teardrop
             geometry/doublecone   Double Cone
             geometry/fanoplanes   Roger Bagula
             geometry/dform   dForm
             geometry/conic   Conic sections
             geometry/sextic   Sextic
             geometry/parabola   Parabola
             geometry/tilingplane   Various periodic tiles
             geometry/steiner   Steiner surface
             geometry/implicitsurf   Implicit surfaces
             geometry/pseudocatenoid   Pseudocatenoid
             geometry/witch   Witch Hat
             geometry/strophoid   Strophoid surface
             geometry/slipper   Slippers
             geometry/chrysanthemum   Chrysanthemum Curve
             geometry/hyperbola   Hyperbola
             geometry/cayley   Cayley surface
             geometry/crosshole   Cross Hole
             geometry/snail   Snail Surface
             geometry/piva   Piva surface
             geometry/polyhedra   Uniform Polyhedra (80)
             geometry/nodal   Nodal Surface
             geometry/chair   Chair surface
             geometry/hypocycloid   Hypocycloid
             geometry/verrill   Enneper- Weierstrass Minimal Surface
             geometry/platonic   Platonic solids (Regular polytopes in 3D)
             geometry/richmond   Richmond Minimal Surface
             geometry/barthdecic   Barth Decic
             geometry/spline   Spline Surface
             geometry/weird   Weird
             geometry/tricurves   Tiling with TriCurves
             geometry/twistedfano   Projection of the finite Fano Projective Plane onto a Surface
             geometry/deltoid   Deltoid
             geometry/reuleaux   Reuleaux Triangle
             geometry/spacefill   Parallelogram
             geometry/plexagon   Plexagon - Pleated Hexagon
             geometry/devil   Devil surface
             geometry/jet   Jet surface
             geometry/representation   POV-Ray: A Tool for Creating Engaging Visualisation of Geometry
             geometry/fowler   Fowler Angles
             geometry/networks   Polygonal tilings
             geometry/pseudosphere   Pseudosphere
             geometry/nose   Nose
             geometry/scherk   Scherk Minimal Surface
             geometry/polycuts   Build your own Polyhedra
             geometry/fish   Fish surface
             geometry/dircosine   Direction cosines
             geometry/chladni   Chladni plate interference surfaces
             geometry/polygonmesh   Polygons, Meshes
             geometry/transformationprojection   Miscellaneous Transformations and Projections
             geometry/chainmail   Chainmail
             geometry/polygonise   Polygonising a scalar field (Marching Cubes)
             geometry/cardioid   Cardioid
             geometry/SolidAngle   Solid angle of a pixel
             geometry/kampyle   Kampyle of Eudoxus
             geometry/twistedheart   Twisted heart
             geometry/truchet   Truchet Tiling
             geometry/heart   Heart surfaces
             geometry/kappa   Kappa Curve
             geometry/hexdrum   Hexagonal dum
             geometry/catenoid   Catenoid Minimal Surface
             geometry/handkerchief   Handkerchief Surface
             geometry/rhombic_triacontahedron   Rhombic Triacontahedron
             geometry/lemniscape   Implicit Minimal Lemnescate
             geometry/quadric   Quadrics
             geometry/nephroid   Nephroid
             geometry/whitney   Whitney Umbrella
             geometry/gerono   Lemnescate of Gerono
             geometry/henneburg   Henneburg Minimal Surface
             geometry/bicorn   Bicorn curve
             geometry/astroid   Astroid
             geometry/owl   Maeder's Owl
             geometry/limacon   Limacon
             geometry/teardrop   Modelling a Tear Drop
             geometry/catalan   Catalan Minimal Surface
             geometry/blobbie   Hunt surface
             geometry/harmonograph   Harmonograph
             geometry/mitre   Mitre surface
             geometry/bezier   Bezier Surface
             geometry/tiling   Tiling Textures on the Plane
             geometry/blob   The Blob
             geometry/star_polar   Astersphaira - Polarsphaira
             geometry/kuen   Kuen Surface
             geometry/rotate   Rotate about an arbitrary axis (3 dimensions)
             geometry/calabi_yau   Calabi-Yau
             geometry/spiral   Spiral Nature
             geometry/spherical   Spherical nature
             geometry/sphericalcardioid   Spherical Cardioid
             geometry/mullen   McMullen K3 model
             geometry/swallow   Swallow
             geometry/cushion   Cushion
             geometry/circlesphere   Circle, Cylinder, Sphere
             geometry/borg   Borg surface
             geometry/orbital   P1 atomic orbital
             geometry/hyperspace   HyperSpace
             geometry/boy   Boy Surface
             geometry/bifolia   Bifolia surface
             geometry/helicoid   Helicoid Minimal Surface
             geometry/bour   Bour minimal surface
             geometry/crosscap   Cross cap
             geometry/cycloid   Cycloid curve
             geometry/twistplane   Twisted Plane
             geometry/toroidal   Toroidal Nature
             geometry/sphericalnephroid   Spherical Nephroid
             geometry/knots   Knots
             geometry/pointlineplane   Point, Line, Plane
             geometry/tubey   Tubey
             geometry/folium   Folium
             geometry/tritrumpet   Tritrumpet
             geometry/weaving   Weaving
             geometry/supershape   Supershapes / SuperFormula
             geometry/maclaurintrisectrix   Trisectrix of Maclaurin
             geometry/glissette   Glissette
             geometry/butterfly   Butterfly Curve
             geometry/lemniscatebernoulli   Lemnescate of Bernoulli
             geometry/viviani   Viviani Curve
             geometry/benthorns   Bent Horns
             geometry/barth   Barth Sextic
             geometry/epicycloid   Epicycloid
       fun   Fun, Puzzles, Travel
             fun/cortex   Outline of human cortex in the Western Australia desert
             fun/box   Geometric interpretation Illusion
             fun/Turkey   Visitor, Turkey
             fun/golfpuzzle   Golf Ball Pyramid Puzzle
             fun/pigeonisland   Pigeon Island, Western Australia
             fun/goodstein   Goodstein's Theorem
             fun/Manipal   Passing travellers photo-gallery of Manipal and surrounding areas
             fun/twoheads   Two headed turtle
             fun/Wanmanna   Virtual Tour generated by Panotour
             fun/Endeavour   Endeavour: Rottenest - Fremantle
             fun/patent   Wacky Patent of the Month (Nov. 1996): U.S. Patent 3,216,423
             fun/xian   Impression of Xi'an
             fun/Beacon   Beacon Island
             fun/Shenzhen   Shenzhen: Image gallery
             fun/pinnacles   Pinnacles, Western Australia
             fun/eclipse   Total Lunar Eclipse (2000)
             fun/Ngintaka   Ngintaka Archive
             fun/heaven   Heaven is hotter than hell
             fun/SfM_fun   SfM fun
             fun/rotomahana   Rotomahana, New Zealand
             fun/leonids   Leonids 2001 Live!
             fun/racingmuseum   Star | Virtual tour generated by Panotour
             fun/calculus   Calculus fun
             fun/illusion   Illusions
             fun/dragongardens   Dragon Gardens, Hong Kong
             fun/shanghai   Impressions of Shanghai, China
             fun/Wanmanna2014   Wanmanna 2014
             fun/CaveHill   Cave Hill
             fun/phnom_penh   Phnom Penh TukTuk Photographic Album
             fun/4444   4444 problem
             fun/solar_eclipse_2002   Solar Eclipse 2002
             fun/Mah_Meri   Mah Meri Archive
             fun/secondlife_uwa   UWA @ SecondLife
             fun/Boolardy   Boolardy Photographic Archive
             fun/kk   Kota Kinabalu
             fun/Weld   Weld Range rock shelter, Western Australia
             fun/kuching   Visitor, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
             fun/albert   Albert park air raid shelters
             fun/Terengganu   Photographic impressions of Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
             fun/marine   2.5km deep
             fun/rockshelter   Rock shelters, Western Australia
             fun/fittoy   Fitting Puzzle or Solid Constructive Geometry
             fun/toruscut   Torus slices
             fun/AppleCare   Does AppleCare about the Environment?
             fun/waves   Make Waves not Water
             fun/westangeles   West Angeles rock shelters, Western Australia
             fun/dronefun   Fun with a Drone
             fun/Seoul   Seoul (South Korea) in half a day
             fun/transitvenus   Syzygy: Transit of Venus
             fun/Venice   Visitor, Venice, Italy
             fun/beijing   Beijing (Bi/Tri)-Cycle Gallery
             fun/Diamantina   Diamantina River complex
             fun/rocking   Worlds largest rocking horse
             fun/walkdistance   Walking distance puzzle
             fun/pyramidfall   Falling pyramid
             fun/saltlakes   Australias Pink Lakes
             fun/homeloan   Westpac silliness
             fun/skytower   Auckland Harrah SkyTower, SkyCity Photo Gallery
             fun/bangalore   A snapshot of Bangalore, India
             fun/wallart   Sydney Wall art, murals, street painting, graffiti
       fractals   Fractals, Chaos, Self Similarity
             fractals/oneness   Decision procedure for "oneness"
             fractals/volumetric   Volumetric fractals
             fractals/multifractal   Multifractal image
             fractals/symmetry   Fractals: a Symmetry Approach
             fractals/gayla_chandler   Gasket Photography by Gayla Chandler
             fractals/sanmarcodragon   Inverse San Marco Dragon
             fractals/linkedrings   Interlinked square tori
             fractals/randomtile   Random space filling of the plane
             fractals/povfrac   POVRay Fractal Raytracing Contest
             fractals/kissingcircles   Kissing Circles - Apollonian Carpet
             fractals/trifraction2   Inverse tree
             fractals/circlesquares   Circle Squares
             fractals/cactus   Cactus
             fractals/gausmap   Gauss Map tetrahedron 3D IFS
             fractals/henonphase   Henon Phase Diagrams
             fractals/mandelbrot   The Mandelbrot at a glance
             fractals/wada   Wada basins
             fractals/fuzzylogic   Fuzzy Logic Field
             fractals/noise   Noise, Perlin, 1/f Noise, Modelling planets
             fractals/reversejulia   Adjusted probability reverse Julia
             fractals/quatjulia   Quaternion Julia Fractals
             fractals/cubecount   Box counting fractal dimension of volumetric data
             fractals/octacarpet   Octahedral Sierpinski Carpet
             fractals/grinchdragon   Grinch dragon
             fractals/burnship   Burning Ship Fractal
             fractals/sinjulia   Julia set of sin(z)
             fractals/woggle   Woggle fractal
             fractals/chaosgame   Chaos Game
             fractals/clifford   Clifford Attractors
             fractals/Zubieta   Julia variant
             fractals/secondlife   Representing and modelling geometry in SecondLife
             fractals/guitar   Guitar fractal
             fractals/sketch   Computer sketching
             fractals/magnet   Magnet 1
             fractals/lemon   Lemon
             fractals/rossler   The Rossler Attractor
             fractals/ifs   IFS manual
             fractals/pascaltriangle   Pascals Triangle in Gray Code, its Hadamard and IFS
             fractals/fractalfield   Experimental Orthogonal Fields to Sierpinski Sets and Twin Dragons
             fractals/mauldin   Mauldin gasket
             fractals/gingerbread   Gingerbread man
             fractals/wallpaper   Wallpaper
             fractals/diaxialplane   Diaxial Plane and the Cantor Set
             fractals/rogerrings   Rogers Rings
             fractals/starjulia   Star Julia
             fractals/curved   Construction of IFS Fractals of Specific Similarity Dimension
             fractals/binocular   Binocular fractal
             fractals/lyapunov   Random Attractors - Found using Lyapunov Exponents
             fractals/ikeda   Ikeda attractor
             fractals/googleearth   Google Earth Fractals
             fractals/logistic   Logistic Equation
             fractals/fracdim   Fractal Dimension Calculator, Compass dimension, Lacunarity, Multifractal spectr
             fractals/randomwalk   Random walk
             fractals/trianguloid   Trianguloid
             fractals/carotid   Carotid function
             fractals/peterdejong   Peter de Jong
             fractals/biomorph   Biomorphs
             fractals/apollony   Apollony fractal
             fractals/multimandel   Multifractal, Mandelbrot-like fractals
             fractals/chenlee   Chen Lee Attractor
             fractals/carpet   3 ways of Creating the Sierpinski Carpet
             fractals/solenoid   Solenoid fractal
             fractals/henonattractor   Henon IFS
             fractals/newtonraphson   Newton Raphson Fractal Gallery
             fractals/pascalmodulo   General Pascal's triangle as a modulo sum rule
             fractals/twondragon   Twon dragon
             fractals/thorn   Thorn Fractal (Secant Sea)
             fractals/duffing   Duffing Attractor
             fractals/coraldragon   Coral Dragon
             fractals/bouali   Bouali Attractor
             fractals/juliaset   Julia set fractal
             fractals/marek   Marek Dragon
             fractals/mandelpower   Mandelbrot powers
             fractals/lorenz   The Lorenz Attractor, a thing of beauty
             fractals/buddhabrot   The Buddhabrot
             fractals/lsys   L-System manual
             fractals/star   Star fractal
             fractals/grandcanyon   Grand Canyon Natural Fractals Presentation and Slide Notes
             fractals/circles   Circular Infinity
             fractals/hypercomplex   Hypercomplex fractals
             fractals/henonmap   Henon Map
             fractals/insideout   Insideout Dragon
             fractals/squaretile   Square tile fractal
             fractals/stretch   Chaos and stretching/folding
             fractals/crown   Fractal Crown
             fractals/treeroots   Tree root attractor
             fractals/curlicue   Curlicue fractal
             fractals/dla   DLA - Diffusion Limited Aggregation
             fractals/colourattract   Colouring Attractors
             fractals/peano_basin   Peano Basin
             fractals/lace   Lace Attractor
             fractals/qseries   Hofstadter Q series
             fractals/measurefcn   Measure function
             fractals/tetration   Tetration fractal
             fractals/polyhedral   Sierpinski Gasket
             fractals/popcorn   Popcorn
             fractals/randomshell   Random Shell Gaskets
             fractals/tippetts   John Tippetts Mandelbrot variation
             fractals/crosscarpet   Cross Carpet
             fractals/ca   1D Boolean Cellular Automata
             fractals/tiledragon   Tiled dragon
             fractals/mandelfactor   Five center factorization for the Mandelbrot set
             fractals/fracintro   An Introduction to Fractals
             fractals/trifraction1   Rational fractals
       miscellaneous   Miscellaneous: projection, modelling, rendering
             miscellaneous/venus   ....and Venus was her name...
             miscellaneous/reb   Royal Exhibition Building Model, Melbourne, Australia
             miscellaneous/resolution   Notes on Resolution
             miscellaneous/hazyprimes   Hazy Primes
             miscellaneous/slitscan   Slit Scan Images
             miscellaneous/cortex   Approaches to Modelling the Surface of the Human Cortex
             miscellaneous/qtvrobject   QuickTime VR Object capture
             miscellaneous/gausselim   Gaussian Elimination
             miscellaneous/fountains   Enlivening fountains
             miscellaneous/vrml   VRML testing
             miscellaneous/imageprocess   Various Simple Image Processing Techniques
             miscellaneous/povexamples   Various POVRay Related Material
             miscellaneous/timelapsepano   Chronopanorama (Time lapse panoramas)
             miscellaneous/meshanimator   Mesh Animator Utility
             miscellaneous/windows   Windows
             miscellaneous/astronomy   Representations in Astronomy
             miscellaneous/iPhone   iPhone and iPodTouch projects
             miscellaneous/colourspace   Colour spaces
             miscellaneous/Waldram   Waldram Diagrams
             miscellaneous/fluid   Fluid Simulation
             miscellaneous/scc4   POVRay Short Code Contest, Round 4
             miscellaneous/composite   Image Compositing
             miscellaneous/photomosaic   Photomosaics for high resolution image capture
             miscellaneous/glvol   Hardware accelerated volume rendering
             miscellaneous/mirrors   Mirrors and raytracers
             miscellaneous/determinant   Determinant of a square matrix
             miscellaneous/frustum   Frustum culling
             miscellaneous/functions   Miscellaneous functions
             miscellaneous/cloudcompare   Workflow for comparing two reconstructed meshes
             miscellaneous/kinect   Initial tests with the Kinect
             miscellaneous/vr_rockshelter   Rock shelter virtual environments
             miscellaneous/diffusion   A simple model of diffusion
             miscellaneous/plants   Computer representation of plant structures
             miscellaneous/edgeblend   Edge blending using commodity projectors
             miscellaneous/correlate   Cross Correlation
             miscellaneous/ECUGallery   ECU Gallery
             miscellaneous/pulsarsound   Sonification of pulsars (Listening to pulsars)
             miscellaneous/cubemaps   Converting to/from cubemaps
             miscellaneous/leastsquare   Least Squares
             miscellaneous/picoprojectors   Pico Projector Fun
             miscellaneous/molecule   Representing and rendering molecular structures
             miscellaneous/lens   Lenses. Field of view and focal length
             miscellaneous/universe   Visualising the Universe
             miscellaneous/mathlib   Math Library
             miscellaneous/equalisation   Histogram Matching
             miscellaneous/interpolation   Interpolation methods
             miscellaneous/Beacon   Beacon virtual environment
             miscellaneous/reconstruction_image_quality   3D reconstruction: A study of the effect of resolution and colour
             miscellaneous/Drishti_intro1   Transferring slice data to Drishti
             miscellaneous/gigapixel   Examples of gigapixel photography
             miscellaneous/sphericalpano   Workflow for creating 360 spherical (Equirectangular) panoramas
             miscellaneous/dangerous   Dangerous data
             miscellaneous/imagewarp   Image warping
             miscellaneous/mars   Mars zoom from 1/8 degree data
             miscellaneous/crystalengraving   Data visualisation in crystal
             miscellaneous/solver   Solving systems defined by differential equations
             miscellaneous/asteroid   Asteroid
             miscellaneous/ar   Auto-regression (AR)
             miscellaneous/scc3   POVRay Short Code Contest, Round 3
             miscellaneous/mreconstruction   3D reconstruction models from photographs
             miscellaneous/Rodenstock   X-ray lens photography
             miscellaneous/obj2pov   PhotoScan to PovRay Animation
             miscellaneous/uview   An evaluation of a user controlled exploration of a 3D environment
             miscellaneous/macrophotography   Macro Photography with Reversed Lenses
             miscellaneous/volsample   Volume rendering examples
             miscellaneous/earth   Approaches to Modelling the Surface of the Human Cortex
             miscellaneous/networkorder   Organising unstructured networks
             miscellaneous/reconaccuracy   Reconstruction accuracy
             miscellaneous/dft   Fast Fourier Transform
             miscellaneous/sphere2sphere   Converting an equirectangular image into another equirectangular image
             miscellaneous/random   Uniform random number generator
             miscellaneous/meshviewer   meshviewer
             miscellaneous/peppersghost   Peppers ghost
             miscellaneous/cylmapper   Projection simulation for cylindrical displays
             miscellaneous/shapeanalysis   Fourier Outline Analysis
             miscellaneous/focusstacking   Focus Stacking and Image Moasaicing
             miscellaneous/xbox   Xbox and multi player installation
             miscellaneous/pview   PVIEW: Real-time interactive visualisation for large point datasets
             miscellaneous/trace   Trace - experiment in rendering point fields
             miscellaneous/architecture   Computer Rendering and Visualisation Techniques
             miscellaneous/laservs3d   Report: Comparing laser scanning to 3D reconstruction
             miscellaneous/askap_walk   ASKAP Walk About
             miscellaneous/rapidproto   3D printing, rapid prototyping
             miscellaneous/reconstructionphoto   Guiding notes for photographing for 3D reconstruction
             miscellaneous/photoscantutorial   Workflow for reconstruction using PhotoScan: Beginners guide
             miscellaneous/simsun   simsun: simulator for the design of solar heaters
             miscellaneous/moon   Moon topology data
             miscellaneous/sphere2persp   Converting an equirectangular image to a perspective projection
             miscellaneous/registration   Registration for HDR image alignment
             miscellaneous/renderexamples   Spiral Vase by Dennis Miller
             miscellaneous/raytracing   Raytracing topics
             miscellaneous/witilt   WiTilt 3 axes accelerometer
             miscellaneous/dash   Virtual Dashboard Environments
             miscellaneous/dsfm   Discrete Stepped Frequency Modulated Chirp
             miscellaneous/particle   Particle system example
             miscellaneous/gqstats   Visualisation of HPC queue statistics
             miscellaneous/pathology   Report on the 3D reconstruction of preserved organs within glass containers
             miscellaneous/terrainvis   Terrain Visualisation
             miscellaneous/parallaxerror   Parallax error
             miscellaneous/meanvar   Mean and Variance
             miscellaneous/stitching   Photostitching ad-hoc photographs: examples
             miscellaneous/scc5   POVRay Short Code Contest, Round 5
             miscellaneous/filter   Fourier method of designing digital filters
             miscellaneous/OpenGL   Topics in OpenGL
             miscellaneous/numbers   Miscellaneous numbers
             miscellaneous/sonogram   Sonograms
             miscellaneous/laserscandata   Representations of laser scan data
             miscellaneous/littleplanet   "Little Planet" examples from the University of Western Australia
             miscellaneous/imagefilter   Image Filtering in the Frequency Domain
             miscellaneous/fftsoftware   Software: DFT, FFT
             miscellaneous/reconrepeat   Repeatability of reconstructed models
       papers   Papers, Articles, Seminars, Workshops
             papers/icrar2010   Tiled displays for presenting high resolution datasets
             papers/intern2012b   Introduction to Visualisation
             papers/agwa   iDome and digital projection into hemispherical domes
             papers/ozviz2008   Presentation of visualisation data: Adventures on the fringe.
             papers/paper19   Emergence under Hebbian learning of local maps in the primary visual cortex: Ori
             papers/singapore2007a   Visualisation for scientists, museums, public outreach, and education
             papers/ecu2013   iDome: Most of what you need to know
             papers/marcus2013   Effects of Different Visual Stimuli on Postures and Knee Moments During Sidestep
             papers/ecu2013b   Visualisation: Projects at iVEC@UWA
             papers/ecu2017   Introduction to laboratory technology
             papers/3dprint2014   3D printing and data visualisation: A technology briefing
             papers/tiled   It's not an Optiportal
             papers/cgat2013   Space Filling: A new algorithm for procedural creation of game assets
             papers/ecu2012   Visualisation: iVEC - ECU
             papers/marcus2010   Stereoscopic filming for investigating evasive side-stepping and anterior crucia
             papers/jcs2018   How do Cortical Dynamics Organize an Anatomy of Cognition?
             papers/shier2013   An Algorithm for Random Fractal Filling of Space
             papers/dime2006   Immersive gaming: a low cost projection environment
             papers/tidman2015   Reducing ACL injury risk by standing still with zero impact perceptual (ZIP) tra
             papers/JSG2015   Insights into the Mechanics of En-Échelon Sigmoidal Vein Formation using
             papers/GSTF_10   A Framework for Supporting Immersion in Commodity Gaming
             papers/vrml   Visualising Astronomical Data using VRML
             papers/planetarian2   Digital Planetariums for Everyone: Astronomy Visualisation in Reflection
             papers/paper8   Steady States and Global Dynamics of Electrical Activity in the Cerebral Cortex
             papers/kuching2010   Digital fulldome for science research and public education
             papers/domelab2010   Introduction to digital fulldome technology
             papers/ecu2007   Immersive environments and applications to gaming
             papers/DLABreast   A diffusion-limited-aggregation (DLA) model of human breast lobe growth
             papers/curtin_cs   Displays that exploit the human visual system
             papers/EAGE2015   Development of Digital Techniques for Mapping an Open Pit at Coolgardie
             papers/ozviz2012   Automated 3D Reconstruction from Photographs
             papers/ivec2008c   Realtime raytracing: Application to Visualisation
             papers/beaconisland   Beacon Island Project
             papers/frontiers2013   On the dynamics of cortical development: synchrony and synaptic self-organisatio
             papers/stereo2010   Stereoscopic 3D technology: history, principles, and limitations.
             papers/games2009   Immersive Gaming: The challenge
             papers/paper20   Synchronous oscillation in the cerebral cortex and object coherence
             papers/ivec2013   Photographs to models and everything in between
             papers/aps2014   Fulldome Activity Report, APS2014, Melbourne planetarium, February 2014
             papers/blender09   Presentation slides by Dalai Felinto at the First Argentina Blender Conference
             papers/interface   Fractals and Computer Graphics
             papers/HIVE2   Content Creation for Dome Displays
             papers/pasa2006   An Advanced, 3-dimensional Plotting Library for Astronomy
             papers/tamagawa   9th Tamagawa Dynamic Brain Forum - DBF 2005
             papers/dome_ivec   Hemispherical Dome Adventures
             papers/cgat09b   iDome: Immersive gaming with the Unity game engine
             papers/vr_ivec_2011   Virtual Environments, Visualisation, Novel Displays
             papers/eresearch2012   Novel image/video capture, Application snapshot
             papers/joc2013   A space filling algorithm for generating procedural geometry and texture
             papers/compdesign2014   Computational Design
             papers/NGLVR   Virtual Reality: A new facility at UWA
             papers/multispectral   Report: Enhancing rock art recordings through multispectral photography
             papers/HET782_2002   Slides for HET782
             papers/askap2008   ASKAP Site Visualisation
             papers/maac   Novel Imaging
             papers/luxlab2014   Explorations in digital capture: 2D and 3D
             papers/vsmm2014b   Novel imaging of heritage objects and sites.
             papers/dla3d   Constrained Diffusion Limited Aggregation in 3 Dimensions
             papers/iccn2007   Cortical Anatomy and the Spatiotemporal Learning Rule
             papers/GSTF_2   A Framework for Supporting Immersion in Commodity Gaming
             papers/marcus2016   Different Visual Stimuli Affect Body Reorientation Strategies During Sidesteppin
             papers/csse2014   Imaging and visualisation in heritage
             papers/ozviz2011   Two Projects in 2011
             papers/jjw2012   A Model for Self-Organization of Visual Cortex Response Maps and Patchy Connecti
             papers/marcus2012   Visual search differs but not reaction time when intercepting a 3D versus 2D vid
             papers/lawrencewilson   The Panorama: Applications to Science and Heritage Visualisation
             papers/interns2014   Visualisation @ iVEC
             papers/ACM2016   3D model reconstruction from photographs
             papers/graphite2005   Using a spherical mirror for projection into immersive environments
             papers/OzViz2017   OzViz 2017: 3D model and photographic capture: applications in heritage visualis
             papers/caa2013   State of the Art: advances in Australian archaeological research and communicati
             papers/aps2016   DomeLab and EPICentre, APS2016, Melbourne planetarium, February 2014
             papers/GSTF2015   Scientific data visualisation using techniques normally reserved for more frivol
             papers/AESWA   Volume Visualisation of Egyptian Mummies.
             papers/interns2013   Introduction to Visualisation
             papers/omnistereo   Omni-directional stereoscopy
             papers/intern2012   The Diversity of Visualisation: Selected visualisation projects from 2011
             papers/Derek2011   A Practical Visualization Strategy for Large-Scale Supernovae CFD Simulations
             papers/helix   Computational study of helix wave formation in active media
             papers/rmit2016   DomeLab workshop, RMIT
             papers/conrec   CONREC - A Contouring Subroutine
             papers/drone2015   Imaging with Drones
             papers/cg2008   Evaluating Second Life for the Collaborative Exploration of 3D Fractals.
             papers/dafilis   Visualising chaos in a model of brain electrical activity.
             papers/cgat09   Omni-directional Stereoscopic Fisheye Images for Immersive Hemispherical Dome En
             papers/Pilbara   Pilbara rock art: laser scanning, photogrammetry and 3D photographic reconstruct
             papers/HET409_2001   Stereographics and Immersive Environments
             papers/domelab2015b   Capturing assets for fulldome
             papers/magicplanet   Magic Planet display
             papers/helnet   Global and local similarity of the primary visual cortex
             papers/eresearch2013   Textured 3D models derived automatically from photographs
             papers/wasp08   Tactile Visualisation: Feel your data!
             papers/ivec2011   Science Visualisation: 2010 Intern student presentation
             papers/kuching2011   Square Kilometer Array: The worlds most powerful radio telescope.
             papers/ivec2010   Science Visualisation: 2010 Intern student presentation
             papers/ACN2015   Neural Field Dynamics and the Development of the Cerebral Cortex
             papers/aps2013   Fulldome Activity Report, APS2013, Brisbane planetarium, April 2013
             papers/HET409_2004   Offaxis frustums: What are they and what are they good for?
             papers/aps2008   APS presentation, Perth, May 2008
             papers/HIVE   Content Creation for Dome Displays
             papers/jmm   Low Cost Projection Environment for Immersive Gaming
             papers/sportsg   Digital experiences
             papers/shanghai   Visualisation for Science Research and Public Education
             papers/isvri2011   Advanced Applications in Stereographic, Panoramic, and Fulldome Visualisation.
             papers/futurescience   Engaging displays for Visualisation
             papers/OzViz2015   OzViz 2015: Glasses free - Survey and future prospects
             papers/wasp2009   Visualisation @ WASP
             papers/aaa2012   Visualization Techniques and Rock Art: Advances in Analysis and Opportunities fo
             papers/ei2018   Multiplatform VR case study - Beacon Virtua
             papers/HET409_2000   Supercomputing and Multimedia
             papers/Jie2013   Applications of microtomography to multiscale system dynamics - visualisation, c
             papers/woll2009   Science Visualisation and Engaging Display Technologies.
             papers/domelab2015   UNSW DomeLab workshop
             papers/visualneuro   Global and local symmetry of the primary visual cortex
             papers/eresearch2010   Visualisation of novel high resolution digital photography
             papers/frontiers2014   Möbius-Strip-Like Columnar Functional Connections are Revealed in Somato-Sensor
             papers/tom2009   Novel presentation of visualisation results using rapid prototypes, crystal engr
             papers/applevision   Apple technology powering displays that engage the human visual system
             papers/volvis2010   Volume Visualisation for Educational Content Creation
             papers/blender10   Blender and Immersive Gaming in a Hemispherical Dome
             papers/curtin2013   Novel Visualisation Technologies: Projects in the Humanities
             papers/beingthere   Being There
             papers/agora1999   Agora Conference
             papers/Danca   Graphical exploration of the connectivity sets of alternated Julia sets; M, the
             papers/ozviz2007   Collecting and Creating Digital Assets for the SKA Radio Telescope Project, Bool
             papers/sigasia2012   Personal hilights from Siggraph Asia 2012
             papers/conscript   CONSCRIPT: Journal Applied Crystallography
             papers/aima2017   Beacon Virtua - A Virtual Reality Simulation Detailing the Recent and Shipwreck
             papers/cgat2013workshop   Workshop: Automated 3D Model Reconstruction from Photographs
             papers/apollony   Apollony fractal: Computers and Graphics, January 2006
             papers/cgat2015   Novel physical representations for the visualisation of science data and mathema
             papers/paper27   Simulated Electrocortical Activity at Microscopic, Mesoscopic and Global Scales
             papers/curtin2012   Visualisation Technologies: Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Research
             papers/siggraph2007   Novel Projection Environments
             papers/auc2011   AUC presentation, Gold Coast, Feb 2011
             papers/singapore2007b   Immersive environments and applications to visualisation
             papers/dendrite   Dendrite-like Self-assembly of Magnetite Nanoparticles on Porous Silicon
             papers/wheels2004   Scientific Visualisation and Mac OS-X
             papers/Lee2011b   Using a 3D integrated stereoscopic system to investigate the biomechanics of eva
             papers/joc2017   Visualising volumetric fractals
             papers/ozviz2006   Volume Rendering with Style
             papers/bangalore2012   Digital fulldome technology for content developers
             papers/vsmm2006   Synthetic stereoscopic panoramic images
             papers/ozviz2009   Digital Fulldome as an Immersive Environment for Visualisation: Projects in 2009
             papers/jelinek   Image Processing of Finite Size Rat Retinal Ganglion Cells Using Multifractal an
             papers/Brendan2011   Evasive sidestepping as a visual-perceptual-motor skill: implications for anteri
             papers/cgat08   Evaluating Second Life as a tool for collaborative scientific visualisation.
             papers/cci2014   Advanced Applications in Stereographic, Panoramic, and Fulldome Visualisation.
             papers/pasa2003   A distributed-data implementation of the perspective shear-warp volume rendering
             papers/auc2005   Using Mac OS-X to drive immersive displays for science visualisation and educati
             papers/aps2007   APS presentation, Brisbane, February 17-18 2007
             papers/GC08   New approaches in 3D visualization and analysis of rocks
             papers/aaa2015b   A Methodological Case Study of High
             papers/AUC_innovation   AUC Innovation Grant: High resolution displays using Apple hardware
             papers/kuching2007   Scientific Visualisation for Astronomy Research and Public Outreach
             papers/compdesign   Computational Design
             papers/commhealth   An Analysis of the Seasonal Variation of Coronary Heart Disease and Respiratory
             papers/epfl   Everything you need to know about “fulldome”, and some more
             papers/auc2007   Navigable movies: A Real QuickTime VR
             papers/planetarian1   Spherical mirror (Mirrordome):
             papers/SriLanka   3D model reconstruction from photographs
             papers/tcgj   Keeping it Real: Creating and Acquiring Assets for Serious Games.
             papers/GLAM2011   GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums)
             papers/aps2009   APS presentation, Mt Cook, May 2009
             papers/spice2007   Stereoscopic projection: Applications in education
             papers/gg2008   Engaging visual environments
             papers/immersion2015   Displays and immersion
             papers/cwr2014   Novel imaging - Applications in Archaeology
             papers/vsmm2007   Stereoscopy, Theory and Practice
             papers/jcn2016   Further Work on the Shaping of Cortical Development and Function by Synchrony an
             papers/eternal2011   Square Kilometer Array: The Science and Technology
             papers/interns2014b   Introduction to Visualisation
             papers/wheels2009   Immersive Environments Meet 3D Gaming
             papers/waves2007   Cortical Waves and the Development of Cortical Anatomy
             papers/eresearch2014   High resolution imaging: Capture, storage and access
             papers/aps2008b   APS2008, upright dome workshop
             papers/rockart_ivec   Novel image capture for rock art archaeology
             papers/avrl2016   Reality in VR
             papers/auc1995   Teaching Applications for World Wide Web Technology
             papers/triangulate   Triangulate: Pan Pacific Computer Conference, Beijing, China
             papers/ICCN2013   Neural Field Dynamics and the Development of the Cerebral Cortex
             papers/ivec_sept2012   Pacific Graphics Conference & Indigeneous Heritage Site Recording.
             papers/complex98   Emergent symmetry of local and global maps in the primary visual cortex: Self-or
             papers/anmm2016   DomeLab workshop, ANMM
             papers/beacon2016   Keeping it Real: Creating and Acquiring Assets for Serious Games
             papers/graphite2007   Digital Fulldome, Techniques and Technologies
             papers/ECUVRlab   Data capture for VR
             papers/iDome2010   iDome workshop
             papers/ivec2013b   Omnidirectional Stereoscopic Panoramas
             papers/aaa2015   Beacon Island Virtua: A Digital 3D Representation
             papers/ecu360   Introduction to 360 video
             papers/uwa2009   Serious Gaming: Second Life
             papers/csiro2016   Workshop on 3D Printing and Visualisation.
             papers/aps2010   APS presentation, Launceston, April 2010
             papers/ivec2008b   Advances in Visualisation
             papers/ecu2014a   3D Printing and Data Visualisation workshop
             papers/ecu2018   Data capture for immersive displays
             papers/dha2014   Automated 3D Model Reconstruction from Photographs
             papers/neuralfield   Neural Field Dynamics and the Evolution of the Cerebral Cortex
             papers/Lee2012   The Effects of Visual-perception on Evasive Sidestepping: Implications for Anter
             papers/dh2013   Visualisation at iVEC@UWA
             papers/Lee2011   Development of an integrated 3D stereoscopic system to measure coupled perceptua
             papers/visres   Contribution of lateral interactions in V1 to organization of response propertie
             papers/photography   Photography for the future tourist
             papers/paper21   Spatial Eigenmodes and Synchronous Oscillation
             papers/pasa2005   Future Directions in Astronomy Visualisation
             papers/comm2205   Science Visualisation
             papers/stereophoto   Stereoscopic Photography
             papers/NTU2015   Enhancing research with new and emerging presentation technologies - A practical
             papers/cgat2012   Immersion: The Challenge for Commodity Gaming
             papers/vsmm2014a   Automated 3D model reconstruction from photographs
             papers/ecu2014b   Automated 3D model reconstruction from photographs
             papers/treeshrew   Intrinsic connections in Tree Shrew V1 imply a global to local mapping
             papers/cnr08   An outline of functional self-organization in V1: synchrony, STLR and Hebb rules
             papers/SG11   Siggraph Asia 2011: Personal summary
             papers/wasp08b   Exploring Second Life for collaborative visualisation.
             papers/vsmm2010   Capturing omni-directional stereoscopic spherical projections with a single came
             papers/HET409_2002   Immersive Environments and Stereographics
             papers/aps2011   Fulldome Activity Report, APS, Melbourne May 2011
             papers/aps2012   Fulldome Activity Report, APS, Auckland planetarium, April 2012
             papers/qwViz   qwViz: visualisation of quantum walks on graphs
       texturelibrary   Texture Library
             texturelibrary/electronic   Textures - electronic
             texturelibrary/food   Textures - food
             texturelibrary/straw   Textures - straw
             texturelibrary/woodboard   Textures - woodboard
             texturelibrary/rock   Textures - rock
             texturelibrary/tree   Textures - tree
             texturelibrary/biology   Textures - biology
             texturelibrary/windows   Textures - windows
             texturelibrary/paving   Textures - paving
             texturelibrary/stamps   Textures - stamps
             texturelibrary/rust   Textures - rust
             texturelibrary/fibre   Textures - fibre
             texturelibrary/maze   Textures - maze
             texturelibrary/lawn   Textures - lawn
             texturelibrary/ice   Textures - ice
             texturelibrary/gold   Textures - gold
             texturelibrary/diamond   Textures - diamond
             texturelibrary/noise   Textures - noise
             texturelibrary/satin   Textures - satin
             texturelibrary/other   Textures - other
             texturelibrary/swirl   Textures - swirl
             texturelibrary/metalgrid   Textures - metalgrid
             texturelibrary/fractal   Textures - fractal
             texturelibrary/balls   Textures - balls
             texturelibrary/octagon   Textures - octagon
             texturelibrary/paper   Textures - paper
             texturelibrary/sign   Textures - sign
             texturelibrary/artificial   Textures - artificial
             texturelibrary/coins   Textures - coins
             texturelibrary/rough   Textures - rough
             texturelibrary/bronze   Textures - bronze
             texturelibrary/ornament   Textures - ornament
             texturelibrary/aluminium   Textures - aluminium
             texturelibrary/jigsaw   Textures - jigsaw
             texturelibrary/engrave   Textures - engrave
             texturelibrary/copper   Textures - copper
             texturelibrary/doors   Textures - doors
             texturelibrary/wallpaper   Textures - wallpaper
             texturelibrary/fungus   Textures - fungus
             texturelibrary/woodgrain   Textures - woodgrain
             texturelibrary/hair   Textures - hair
             texturelibrary/skin   Textures - skin
             texturelibrary/sand   Textures - sand
             texturelibrary/metal   Textures - metal
             texturelibrary/plaster   Textures - plaster
             texturelibrary/seaweed   Textures - seaweed
             texturelibrary/mask   Textures - mask
             texturelibrary/brick   Textures - brick
             texturelibrary/festive   Textures - festive
             texturelibrary/water   Textures - water
             texturelibrary/brass   Textures - brass
             texturelibrary/feather   Textures - feather
             texturelibrary/flower   Textures - flower
             texturelibrary/netting   Textures - netting
             texturelibrary/floral   Textures - floral
             texturelibrary/carpet   Textures - carpet
             texturelibrary/architecture   Textures - architecture
             texturelibrary/mud   Textures - mud
             texturelibrary/rocktile   Textures - rocktile
             texturelibrary/ash   Textures - ash
             texturelibrary/woodtile   Textures - woodtile
             texturelibrary/ancient   Textures - ancient
             texturelibrary/feet   Textures - feet
             texturelibrary/concrete   Textures - concrete
             texturelibrary/glass   Textures - glass
             texturelibrary/buttons   Textures - buttons
             texturelibrary/ceramictile   Textures - ceramictile
             texturelibrary/circles   Textures - circles
             texturelibrary/space   Textures - space
             texturelibrary/pebble   Textures - pebble
             texturelibrary/metalwire   Textures - metalwire
             texturelibrary/grills   Textures - grills
             texturelibrary/cloth   Textures - cloth
             texturelibrary/dirt   Textures - dirt
             texturelibrary/grid   Textures - grid
             texturelibrary/hexagon   Textures - hexagon
             texturelibrary/stone   Textures - stone
             texturelibrary/fire   Textures - fire
             texturelibrary/grass   Textures - grass
             texturelibrary/flag   Textures - flag
             texturelibrary/wood   Textures - wood
             texturelibrary/design   Textures - design
             texturelibrary/shell   Textures - shell
             texturelibrary/moss   Textures - moss
             texturelibrary/icons   Textures - icons
             texturelibrary/marble   Textures - marble
             texturelibrary/leaf   Textures - leaf
             texturelibrary/granite   Textures - granite
             texturelibrary/tartan   Textures - tartan
             texturelibrary/clouds   Textures - clouds
             texturelibrary/roof   Textures - roof
             texturelibrary/ripple   Textures - ripple
             texturelibrary/bark   Textures - bark
             texturelibrary/metaltread   Textures - metaltread
       exhibitions   Exhibitions, Posters
             exhibitions/MONA   Pausiris Mummy Exhibition
             exhibitions/seg2014   Development of Digital Techniques for Open Pit Mapping, Coolgardie, Western Aust
             exhibitions/eResau2012   Automatic reconstruction of 3D geometry from photographs
             exhibitions/OzViz2006   OzViz2006
             exhibitions/apac2007   APAC 2007 Visualisation Showreel
             exhibitions/auc   Exhibition: AUC visualisation showreel
             exhibitions/automation   Exhibition automation capabilities built into MacOSX
             exhibitions/ivec2008a   Exploiting our sense of touch for scientific visualisation
             exhibitions/zendai   Exhibition: Deep Space - Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
             exhibitions/OzViz2012   OzViz 2012 Image exhibition
             exhibitions/eresearch2015   Photography based 3D reconstruction for archaeology and heritage recordings
             exhibitions/LawrenceWilson2017   Exhibition: Batavia : Giving Voice to the Voiceless
             exhibitions/OzViz2004   OzViz2004
             exhibitions/OzViz2013   OzViz 2013 posters
             exhibitions/OzViz2009   OzViz 2009 Visualisation Showreel
             exhibitions/visiblehuman   Visible Human
             exhibitions/EON   EON - Eye of Nagaur
             exhibitions/simfest   Contributions to the Simulations Fest
             exhibitions/siggraphasia2013   Capture of Omni-Directional Stereoscopic Panoramic Images
             exhibitions/ieeevr   Virtual Immersion. Simulating Immersive Experiences in VR
             exhibitions/Songlines   Contributions to Songlines Exhibition, National Museum of Australia
             exhibitions/OzViz2014   OzViz 2014 poster
             exhibitions/OzViz2007   OzViz2007
             exhibitions/Mandurah   Exhibition: Mandurah Arts Summit dome exhibition
             exhibitions/askap_spice   ASKAP / SPICE
             exhibitions/ei2018   Beacon Virtua
             exhibitions/OzViz2011   OzViz 2011 Image exhibition
             exhibitions/eresearch2009   eResearch Australasia Visualisation Challenge 2009
             exhibitions/mandurah   Exhibition: Dome installation, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
             exhibitions/OzViz2008   OzViz 2008 Visualisation Showreel
             exhibitions/LawrenceWilson   Exhibition: p a n o r a m a
             exhibitions/crystalball   Crystal ball photography examples from the University of Western Australia
       dome   Domes, Planetariums, Fisheye, Spherical mirror
             dome/3projdome   Three projector dome simulation
             dome/astc2006   ASTC 2006 Annual Conference, Fulldome Video Showcase
             dome/fisheyewarp   Image warping for offaxis fisheye lens/projectors
             dome/PEB   Plant Energy Biology
             dome/EarthDesk4Dome   EarthDesk in a Dome
             dome/dometexture   Interactive fisheye image generation
             dome/warpingfisheye   Fisheye warping for spherical mirror fulldome projection
             dome/BlenderiDome   Blender games in the iDome
             dome/vuo   Warp node for Vuo
             dome/image2fish   Image panels on a fisheye image
             dome/mirrorrender   Direct rendering of warped fisheye views for spherical mirror projection
             dome/warppatch   Warp Patch for Quartz Composer
             dome/8K   Experiences with my first 8K fulldome production pipeline
             dome/unityfisheye   Creating fisheye image sequences with Unity3D
             dome/iDome   iDome images
             dome/Wollongong   Wollongong Science Centre iDome Exhibit
             dome/fisheye   Computer Generated Angular Fisheye Projections
             dome/panodome   Interactive Dome Projection of Panoramic Images
             dome/domelab   DomeLab technical documentation
             dome/sketchup2idome   Sketchup to iDome
             dome/wwt   World Wide Telescope: fisheye and spherical mirror projection
             dome/fish2   Converting a fisheye image to panoramic, spherical and perspective projection
             dome/scarlet   Red Scarlet and fisheye lens tests
             dome/astc2008   ASTC 2008 Annual Conference, Fulldome Video Showcase
             dome/simpleshowcontroller   Simple show controllers based upon Quartz Composer
             dome/hershfield   Rendering molecules for immersive environments
             dome/solar4dome   Fisheye solar system simulator
             dome/Ngintaka   Exhibition: Ngintaka South Australia Museum
             dome/aps2005   APS presentation, Auckland, August 2005
             dome/spheremapper   Sphere mapper
             dome/fish2pannini   Fisheye to Pannini projections
             dome/LucyCamera   Processing images from the Lucy 360 degree video camera
             dome/magicplanet   MagicPlanet Display
             dome/2fish   Sphere 2 fisheye
             dome/domeinstall   Dome Installations
             dome/4k   4K Projectors - Fulldome - Fisheye lenses
             dome/WanmannaStellarium   Stellarium landscape from Wanmanna
             dome/Doha   Exhibition: Innovation showcase at the 2013 WISH (World Innovation Summit for He
             dome/slicer   Image slicing for fulldome (and other applications)
             dome/isphere   iSphere
             dome/ladybug   Dome video capture using the LadyBug cameras
             dome/extremefisheye   Extreme fisheye
             dome/mirrorbox   Room projection using spherical mirror
             dome/whywarp   Why warp?
             dome/iJiao   Exhibition: iJiao
             dome/screencapture   Screen Capture for warping using the spherical mirror
             dome/cube2fish   cube2dome - cubic maps to fisheye converter
             dome/Drishti   Fulldome content creation with Drishti
             dome/horizon   Digital Visualisation in the Dome
             dome/warpplayer   warpplayer: QuickTime movie player with realtime warping and navigation
             dome/quadfisheye   Quad fisheye mapping to a 360 panorama
             dome/mv2009   Volume visualisation under the Dome
             dome/fishtilt   Fisheye tilting
             dome/skysafari   SkySafari and dome projection
             dome/domegeom   Geometric distortion for dome (fisheye) projection
             dome/dualfish2sphere   Converting dual fisheye images into a spherical (equirectangular) projection
             dome/fisheyecorrect   Fisheye lens correction
             dome/Wii   Wii + MacBook Pro + Dome
             dome/mars32   Mars, renderings from the 1/32 degree dataset
             dome/skyvision   Creating fisheye images for SkySkan content
             dome/tilted   Tilting image in the iDome
             dome/tgawarp   tgawarp
             dome/greatbarrierreef   Treasures of the Great Barrier Reef
             dome/cameras   Testing various fisheye capture options
             dome/HK2013   Exhibition: CityU
             dome/meshmapper   meshmapper
             dome/VLCwarp   Movie warping software
             dome/astc2005   ASTC 2005 Annual Conference, Fulldome Video Showcase
             dome/Amateras   Amateras: movie playback for dome systems
             dome/seeker   Software Bisque and spherical mirror projection: A review
             dome/astc2007   ASTC 2007 Annual Conference, Fulldome Video Showcase
             dome/fisheyetypes   Classification of fisheye mappings
             dome/unity3d   Creating fisheye views with the Unity3D engine
             dome/UnityiDome   Using the Unity game engine in the iDome
             dome/gh5_sigma   Panasonic Lumix GH5 and Sigma 4.5mm fisheye
             dome/seamanmission   Virtual Tour generated by Panotour
             dome/Dark   Dark
             dome/stellarium   Stellarium and NightShade
             dome/mirrordome   Dome projection on a budget (MirrorDome)
             dome/ozviz2004   Dome projection: Ozviz 2004
       stereographics   Stereographics, 3D projection
             stereographics/povcameras   Additional cameras, mostly stereoscopic, for PovRay
             stereographics/autostereoscopic   Glasses free stereoscopic presentation: A selective review
             stereographics/passive   Passive Stereographics
             stereographics/rabbit   Reconstructing temple engravings from stereo pairs
             stereographics/torquedemo   Torque: Stereoscopic display and motion tracking modifications
             stereographics/Unitystereo   Create side-by-side stereo pairs in the Unity game engine
             stereographics/stereorender   Calculating Stereo Pairs
             stereographics/stereopanoramic   Stereoscopic Panoramics
             stereographics/stereosetup   Three common options for passive stereoscopic systems.
             stereographics/ipodphoto   IPOD-Photo Stereoscope
             stereographics/lenticular   Autostereoscopic lenticular images
             stereographics/glgraph   OpenGL 3D Graphing
             stereographics/2wall   2 Wall stereoscopic projection
             stereographics/blueline   Blue line, frame sequential stereo
             stereographics/stereorecord   Stereoscopic filming
             stereographics/pano_align   pano_align: a tool and work flow for editing stereoscopic panorama film
             stereographics/motor   Nano-Molecular Motors
             stereographics/surfanim   Surface Animator
             stereographics/stereoinstall   Stereoscopic Installations
             stereographics/national_museum   To Mars and Beyond
             stereographics/hologram   Synthetic dynamic hologram
             stereographics/ghosting   Stereoscopic ghosting correction
             stereographics/tilestereo   High resolution omnidirectional stereo panorama imaging and tiled displays
             stereographics/ozviz2003   Ozviz 2003
             stereographics/glslides   Stereo slide viewer
             stereographics/tmag   TMAG - Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery
             stereographics/meshalign   Mesh alignment for stereoscopic projection
             stereographics/stereofisheye   Stereoscopic fisheye projection into an upright dome
             stereographics/qtplayer   Using QuickTime to present stereoscopic movies
             stereographics/depthq   DepthQ projector evaluation
             stereographics/ODSPmaths   Omni-Direction Stereoscopic Panoramas
             stereographics/pulfrich   Binocular Imbalance and Depth Perception in Visual Display Systems
             stereographics/vroom   VCV (VROOM - Virtual ROOM)
             stereographics/anaglyph   Anaglyphs
             stereographics/stereoimage   Stereo pair image format
             stereographics/Graphite   Exhibition: Stereoscopic showreel at the Graphite 2004 Electronic Theatre Intern
             stereographics/stereo2   Stereo2 - Stereoscopic geometry viewer
             stereographics/pointanim   Point animator
             stereographics/stereo_error   Spatial errors in stereoscopic displays
             stereographics/vpac   Portable Stereoscopic projection
             stereographics/cylinder   Cylindrical projection
       dataformats   Data Formats: 3D, Audio, Image
             dataformats/tri   Tri file format
             dataformats/inventor   How to Write an IRIS Inventor File Translator
             dataformats/phd   PolyHedral Database (PHD)
             dataformats/rad   The RADIANCE 3.1 Synthetic Imaging System
             dataformats/sgs   Isqua Istari » Stadtplan-Dateien (*.sgs) Map File Format
             dataformats/tiff   TIFF image generation
             dataformats/volumetric   Volumetric data format
             dataformats/lightwave   Lightwave 3D Object File Format
             dataformats/bmf   BMF file format
             dataformats/asciiart   Character representation of grey scale images
             dataformats/pbmhdr   Unofficial PBM format for HDR images, PFM (Portable Float Map)
             dataformats/rayshade   RayShade file formats
             dataformats/shp   ERSI Shapefile
             dataformats/connectors   Connectors
             dataformats/ply   PLY - Polygon File Format
             dataformats/sat   SAT file format
             dataformats/tet   tet format
             dataformats/mol2   Tripos Mol2 Molecule File Format
             dataformats/tp   TP - TecPlot ascii format
             dataformats/field   AVS Field Data
             dataformats/hpgl   HPGL
             dataformats/iges   IGES
             dataformats/hyperchem   HIV Molecule Format
             dataformats/pdb   PDB Contents Guide, Ver.2.1 (draft)
             dataformats/kro   KRO format
             dataformats/q3o   Quick3D Object FIle
             dataformats/reading   Byte swapping and binary files
             dataformats/bmp   BMP files
             dataformats/dimensions   Image dimensions
             dataformats/ilda   ILDA - International Laser Display Association
             dataformats/eeg   Various EEG file formats and Conventions
             dataformats/vivid   VIVID 2.0 format
             dataformats/wrm   WRM Entity Flight Specification
             dataformats/dxf   DXF revision 12
             dataformats/cube   Gaussian Cube File Format
             dataformats/egdr   MOLA Experiment Gridded Data Record
             dataformats/vision3d   Vision3D text file format
             dataformats/sgirgb   SGI RGB Image Format
             dataformats/nii   nii (NIFTI1 data format)
             dataformats/pov37   Welcome
             dataformats/pov36   Welcome
             dataformats/nuages   NUAGES slice format
             dataformats/ptx   ptx plain text data format
             dataformats/cinema4d   Cinema 4D
             dataformats/asc   ASC
             dataformats/psdpsb   Adobe Photoshop PSD and PSB File Formats
             dataformats/rotater   Rotater
             dataformats/mi   MI format
             dataformats/poly   Polygon data files
             dataformats/compress   Delta coding for audio compression
             dataformats/off   OFF file format
             dataformats/ascii   ASCII codes, Latin character set, ANSI Standard (X3.64) Control Sequences,
             dataformats/gif   Graphics Interchange Format - GIF
             dataformats/infini   Infini3D internal format
             dataformats/macpersp   MacPerspective translator
             dataformats/citydesign   Compressed Mesh Macro File: Design Guide
             dataformats/directx   Direct-X format
             dataformats/fact   FACT format
             dataformats/sdml   Spatial Data Modelling Language
             dataformats/collada   Collada
             dataformats/qd3dformat   Generating QuickDraw 3D meta files
             dataformats/moviebyu   MovieBYU format
             dataformats/gridconventions   Grid indexing conventions
             dataformats/xyz   XYZ Molecule Format
             dataformats/vmd   VMD format by Michael Granz
             dataformats/glf   GLF 3D font specification
             dataformats/rib   RIB (RenderMan Interface Bytestream)
             dataformats/cdf   Cyberspace Description Format (CDF)
             dataformats/ac3d   AC3D File Format
             dataformats/tachyon   Tachyon file format
             dataformats/vrinterchange   A File Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds
             dataformats/oogl   OOGL file format
             dataformats/wld   WLD - WorldBuilder file format
             dataformats/meshwarp   Mesh format for image warping
             dataformats/u3d   u3d
             dataformats/yasrt   YASRT RayTracer Documentation
             dataformats/vef   VEF - Vertex - Edge - Face format
             dataformats/slc   SLC format
             dataformats/pvl   PVL (Processed VoLume) file format
             dataformats/hyperfun   Geometric Modelling Language HyperFun
             dataformats/spacemouse   Decoding data from the Magellan Space Mouse
             dataformats/prt   PRT format
             dataformats/hershey   Hershey Vector Font
             dataformats/vol   .vol format description
             dataformats/scn   SCN ray-tracing format
             dataformats/tga   TGA format specification
             dataformats/avs_x   AVS image format
             dataformats/plg   PLG, FIG, WLD File Formats
             dataformats/ms3d   MilkShape 3D
             dataformats/ase   ASE
             dataformats/vla   Digistar II VLA file format
             dataformats/ppm   PPM/PGM/PBM image files
             dataformats/urt   URT image format
             dataformats/whip   DWF format
             dataformats/gocad   GOCAD ascii data format
             dataformats/mdl   The MDL File Format
             dataformats/irit   IRIT format
             dataformats/alc   ALCHEMY 2000
             dataformats/pvm   PVM File Format Specification
             dataformats/surf   Surf format (3D-XplorMath)
             dataformats/scene   SCENE format
             dataformats/geo   Videoscape GEO file format
             dataformats/pic   Radiance HDR (.pic, .hdr) file format
             dataformats/tin   TIN
             dataformats/3ds   3d2 format
             dataformats/3d2   3d2 format (Stereo CAD-3D 2.0)
             dataformats/stl   STL
             dataformats/polyray   Polyray v1.7
             dataformats/dmo   DMO file format
             dataformats/hdf   HDF tools
             dataformats/bitmaps   A Beginners Guide to Bitmaps
             dataformats/mtl   MTL OBJ materials file
             dataformats/tm   TM geometry format
             dataformats/step   STEP interchange format
             dataformats/yaodl   YAODL format (for SGI PowerFlip)
             dataformats/msdl   MSLD - Manchester Scene Description Language
             dataformats/povraw   POV-Ray RAW triangle format
             dataformats/geom   Geom Format
             dataformats/vrml1   VRML 1.0C Specification
             dataformats/unreal   Unreal File Format
             dataformats/audio   Audio File Formats
             dataformats/svs   SVS image files
             dataformats/FFIVW   A File Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds
             dataformats/yuv   Video camera formats: yuv411, yuv422
             dataformats/postscript   PostScript Tutorial
             dataformats/tddd   FORM TDDD
             dataformats/obj   Object Files (.obj)
             dataformats/super3d   Super3D Text Export Format
             dataformats/fbx   FBX
             dataformats/mtv   MTV format
             dataformats/softimagepic   Softimage pic converter
             dataformats/nv12   NV12 yuv pixel format

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