POVRay Short Code Contest - Round 3

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Final results

Maintained by Paul Bourke


This is round three of the POVRay short code contest. For those who haven't wasted hours on this sort of thing before, the idea is to create an "artistic" work using a very small POVRay file. In the last round entrants were allowed to use 500 bytes, to increase the challenge this round will be limited to 256 bytes!

This is intended to be a friendly competition between POVRay aficionados but this round I am pleased to announce a prize will be awarded to the gold place winner. They will receive a copy of Ian Stewarts book titled "What Shape is a Snowflake" which just happens to have lots of ideas for new POVRay models and textures.

Important dates



An entry can include the following, obviously the first is compulsory.


Voting is open to anyone and is based solely on the merits of the image, the source code will not be visible. There will be three prizes awarded as suggested by Greg Johnson: gold, silver, and bronze corresponding to efficiency (best image with the least code), artistry (best image), and paucity (smallest code that was still interesting). The voting process will be made as transparent as possible, however the coordinator (me) exercises the right to decide upon any matter in dispute. The voting algorithm will be as follows:

In addition to the above, a small panel of critics with a professional digital arts background will be invited to vote independently and comment/critique entries they find notable. The members of the panel will be announced in due course.