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The following are a number of puzzles presented for your entertainment. Feel free to submit any puzzles that you think are interesting, my email address can be found here. If appropriate I will include them here. The main requirement for any puzzles listed here is they should not require any advanced mathematical skills. If you find yourself writing equations for any of the puzzles you are probably approaching it the wrong way. (There are only a couple of exceptions below) The puzzles below are approximately in order of increased difficulty although it is only my own personal impression. To answer your next question, no, answers are not provided to most of the problems. The whole point of a good puzzle is for it to prey on your mind until you solve it. If you are REALLY desperate I will reveal answers if you beg or for a small inducement (eg: beer, chocolates, postcard).

Not so hard

Not easy


House expansion
2 Buckets
1 1 9 9
6 Oranges and 6 Boys
Frog down a well
How many pigs
Trace the envelope
Wasted trip
Next letter
6 Toothpicks
Picking Apples
Separate cans
Crossing the River
L of a house
Mystery Suicide
Form a square
Odd one out
Birth control
Slice the cheese
Rearranging 4 coins
Splitting horses
3 Switches
Shifting sticks
Swimming fish
Filling bag

Burning fuses
Join the dots
Missing Square
Wedge paradox
Join the boxes
Divide the doorstop
Four men crossing a bridge
Slice the T
Black and white hats
Black and white hats, version 2
Black and white hats, version 3
Four hats
Bear hunting
Proof that 2 = 1
Square root
Hourglass timing
Poison wine
4 Parts
Bucket of Rocks
5 lines of 4 coins
Special number
Trace the loops
Shifting glasses
Four trees
Counterfeit Coin
Missing Money
Sum of cubes
Guess my birthday
Bee and the Locomotive
Sharing bread

5 coins, 5 moves
Torus cuts
How many triangles
Walking distance
Cutting a cube
Counterfeit Coins
Make 100
Floating balloon
Was it a cat
Times 4
Carpet redesign
How Many Coconuts?
Game show door
Shaking hands
Greek Cross
Six Matches
Cut the moon
Weighing in a vacuum
Four Fours
Ladder problem
Wind and sound
Who wins
Three Disks
Three Chords
Wild Infinity
Why are plants green?
Goodstein's theorem

"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas, I'm frightened of the old ones". John Cage

Fun with a drone

SfM fun
Weird results one can get with photogrammetry (Structure from Motion) software.

Does AppleCare ..?
Excessive and non-environmentally friendly packaging by Apple.

Holographic display anyone? (QuickTime Movie)

Contrary to what most people say, the most dangerous animal in the world is not the lion or the tiger or even the elephant. It's a shark riding on an elephant's back, just trampling and eating everything they see.

Slicing a torus
How many ways can a torus be cut (with a single plane) so that the resulting cross sections are perfect circles?

Fitting puzzle

The ribbed sphere
Do plans and elevations describe unique geometry?

Fun calculus
How's your high school calculus? A bucket that holds paint but can't be painted!

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing. Emo Philips

Minus One poem

Limeric Math

A dozen, a gross, and a score,
plus three times the square root of four,
divided by seven,
plus five times eleven,
equals nine squared and no more!

The integral of t squared dt
from one to the cube root of three
times the cosine
of three pi over nine
is the log of the cube root of e

Common misconception regarding a cube
Most people are poor at visualising even the simplest geometry.

Designing the golf ball pyramid puzzle

For your penance, say five Hail Marys and one loud BLAH! Spike Milligan


Box interpretation
Schroeder stairs
Impossible triangle

Staring face
Black Dot
Womans face

Imagined triangle
Imagined cube
Sloping lines
Womans face

Elephant legs
Grey dots
Hidden box
Railway lines
Bad box

A good way to threaten somebody is to light a stick of dynamite. Then you call the guy and hold the burning fuse up to the phone. "Hear that?" you say. "That's dynamite, baby!"

Shit Happens

New Age

Shit Happens.
Confucius say, "Shit Happens".
If shit happens, it is not really shit.
What is the sound of shit happening?
This shit happened before.
If this shit happens, it is the will of Allah.
Let shit happen to someone else.
If shit happens, you deserved it.
Why does shit always happen to us?
A firm shit does not happen to me.
I don't believe this shit.
Let's roll that shit up and smoke it.

Heaven is hotter than hell
Basic thermodynamics and the bible.

Make Waves not Water
If you are female and don't have a sense of humour then perhaps you shouldn't read this. I guess you're sure to read it now!

Two headed turtle
Found in the turtle zoo, Chinese Garden, Singapore, June 2007

Maybe in order to understand mankind, we have to look at the word itself: "Mankind". Basically, it's made up of two separate words - "mank" and "ind". What do these words mean ? It's a mystery, and that's why so is mankind.

Birth assistance patent
Believe it or not, this patent is for real!

UWA @ SecondLife
A photographic gallery of the University of Western Australia's venture into SecondLife.

A giant rocking horse
The silliest thing I saw during my 1996/97 Xmas break.

Silly statement from my bank

Bill Gates and the "sign of the beast"
Quote from Revelations (Bible): "Woe to you, oh earth and sea. For the Devil sends the Beast with wrath because he knows the time is short. Let him who hath understanding reckon the Number of the Beast, for it is a human number. It's number is six hundred and sixty-six."
The full name is William Henry Gates III, now more commonly known as Bill Gates (III). Converting the uppercase letters of his name into ascii codes (the standard representation of letters on computers) one gets the following, the sum of all these ascii codes is 666
       B   I   L   L   G   A   T   E   S   III
       66  73  76  76  71  65  84  69  83  3


Syzygy: Transit of Venus, 8 June 2004
Solar eclipse, 4 Dec 2002
Leonid meteor shower 18 November 2001

Total Lunar Eclipse, 16 July 2000
Comet C/2006 P1 (McNaught) Perth city 2007

"And still they gazed and the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all he (she) knew." Oliver Goldsmith

Travel related

India: Manipal and surrounding areas -- Bangalore
Seoul in half a day, South Korea
Venice, Italy
Istanbul and Cappadocia, Turkey
Malaysia: Kuching (Sarawak) -- Kota Kinabalu (Saba) -- Terengganu -- Mah Meri photos
Dragon Gardens, Hong Kong
China: Shanghai -- Shenzhen -- Xi'an -- Beijing (Bi/Tri)-Cycle Gallery
Phnom Penh Tuk-Tuk album
Pink Lakes, Victoria, Australia
Beacon Island, Western Australia
Pinnacles, Western Australia
West Angeles, Western Australia
Rock shelters, Western Australia
Pigeon Island, Western Australia
Caversham motoring museum, featuring the 1989 Star, Western Australia
Human Cortex in the Western Australian outback
Diamantina River
Weld Range rock shelter, Western Australia
Virtual tour of a Pilbara Rock Art Site (Wanmanna), Western Australia
Examples of digital assets collected at Wanmanna 2014 Western Australia
LadyBug-3 filming on the Endeavour, Perth, Western Australia
2.5km under water, Western Australia
Site of the ASKAP, Western Australia
Images relating to the Ngintaka story, Central Australia
Cave Hill, South Australia
Wall art, murals, street painting, graffiti in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Rotomahana, New Zealand

Auckland (Harrah Casino) Skytower
A photo gallery during the construction of the Skytower in Auckland built during 1996. Contains images from the top during and after the construction as well as the 101 uses for the Skytower.

Auckland Albert Park Air Raid Shelters
These pages illustrate an interesting feature of Auckland history, unknown to many Aucklanders there is a maze of tunnels under a central city park, namely Albert Park. The original maps of the tunnels (1942) are presented at user selectable scales and with links to contemporary features.

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