POVRay Short Code Contest - Round 4

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Final Results

Maintained by Paul Bourke


This is round four of the POVRay short code contest. For those who haven't spent hours pruning bytes before, here are the last 2004 competition results. The idea is to create an "artistic" work using a very small POVRay file, in a sense showing off the power of the scene description language, if in a rather perverse way. In the last round entrants were allowed to use 256 bytes. The same size limit will be used this time, but to raise the stakes a bit, entries will not be allowed to use any external files, this includes things such as "#include" and font ".ttf" files.

Important dates


Submitting an entry

An entry can include the following information, the first two are compulsory.

When you've created your masterpiece and have checked it carefully, hit the button below to submit it.

Competition entries closed

Entries will appear on the voting page in the order they arrive, so get in early!


Voting is only open to entrants and they are encouraged to vote on the craft ... the image and source code will be visible. There will be three prizes awarded: gold, silver, and bronze based solely on the peer voting. Unlike the last round no adjustment will be given this round to the number of bytes used, so you might as well use all 256. The voting process will be made as transparent as possible, however the coordinator (me) reserves the right to decide upon any matter in dispute.