Dome projection using a spherical mirror

The following is a collection of material related to the projection into a hemispherical dome using a spherical mirror, a projection technique developed by the author in 2003 and variously referred to as "sphemir" or "mirrordome". For information related more towards fisheye lens and projection see is also included in the second half of this document.

Please note that I am available to assist you with your fulldome projection projects. This can be on an informal basis (just email me your questions) all the way to formally quoting, personally doing onsite installations, providing training and ongoing support. In the former case I am more then happy to advise (free of charge) but please first read the FAQ below since it is where I document answers to the questions I've received so far, as such it has a good chance of answering your questions. If you wish to formally engage me then also read the FAQ and then contact me by email.

Software with mesh file support for fisheye warping

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Material of a historic nature

Information related to general dome/fisheye content

The following is a collection of material related to the general generation and projection of fisheye content onto hemispherical dome surfaces, for example, planetariums.

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Material of a historic nature

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Slit Scan photography
Chronopanorama (Time lapse panoramas)
Mobius-Strip-Like Columnar Functional Connections ...
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Novel physical representations for the visualisation of science data and mathematics. April 2015
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