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Panorama (cylindrical and equirectangular) and 360 video

The following contains information around panorams, both cylindrical and spherical (equirectangular).

Omni directional stereoscopic panoramas

Capturing high resolution stereoscopic panorama images

Mathematics for Omni-Direction Stereoscopic Panoramas

Digital omnidirectional stereoscopic camera. The Experimental Imaging Society. July 2020

Omni-Directional Stereoscopic Panoramic Images. UWA.

Synthetic stereoscopic panoramic images. Presented at: VSMM 2006, 18-20 October 2006, Xi'an, China. Published in: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Springer, ISBN 978-3-540-46304-7, Volume 4270/2006, pp 147-155.

Stereoscopic panoramic images. Computer generation and projection of stereoscopic 3D panoramic images, includes spherical, cylindrical, planar, and cubic stereoscopic maps. See also: 360 degree stereoscopic display

Capture of Omni-Directional Stereoscopic Panoramic Images. Siggraph Asia. Hong Kong 2013.

Two images displayed on EpiCentre cylinder, 26880 pixels x 4320 pixels. OzViz 2018
 - Representing 360x180 degrees on a plane
 - Object panorama and Multiperspective displays

Synthetic stereoscopic panoramic images. Presented at: VSMM 2006, 18-20 October 2006, Xi'an, China. Published in: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Springer, ISBN 978-3-540-46304-7, Volume 4270, 2006, pp 147-155.

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360 video

Gallery of 360 video projects

Two dimensional representations of 360x180 degree image or video

Typical pipeline for 360 video processing
Having fun with the Garmin VIRB camera
YouTube 360 video format and how to undo the arrangement to form equirectangular images.

From "101 fun things to do with a 360 video camera".

The Panorama: Applications to Science and Heritage Visualisation. Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, UWA.
p a n o r a m a. Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, UWA.
Wollongong Science Centre iDome Exhibit. Interactive installation at the Wollongong Science Centre largely using 360 degree footage from the LadyBug-3 camera.

360 Video. ECU, September 2019
360 Video. ECU, April 2019
360 video. ECU, August 2018
Data capture for VR. June 2017
Introduction to 360 video. March 2017
Reality in VR. Perth, November

Fisheye and spherical capture using the LadyBug camera. Including an exercise to capture footage of iron ore ship loading for a remote operations prototype.

Historical: Conversion of footage from the Lucy camera.
Mirror based 360 video panorama cameras.

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Vertical panoramas, also known as "vertorama".

Random examples: Thailand: Lamphun Temple, Wat Phanan Choeng Temple, Ayutthaya Temple -- Fo Guang Shan Monastery: Mirrored room, Courtyard -- Sheshan Qixia Temple, Sheshan Qixia Temple, Tiantong Temple -- India: Bedsa Cave, Manmondi Cave -- Lenyadri Cave -- Australia: Wanalirri Rock Shelter

Mapping long thin images into higher dimensions

Filling in the sky on drone generated equirectangular panoramas

Mirror effects for 360 viewing

"Little Planet" photography from the University of Western Australia campus.

Footage captured for the 50 year anniversary at EPFL, Switzerland. April 2019.

Inverse panoramas, also known as object panoramas.
Workflow for creating seamless, tripod artefact free spherical panoramas

Exercise to convert images from a 4 fisheye camera rig to equirectangular.

Chronopanorama, previously known as Time Lapse Panoramas.

Replacing a rooms floor in an equirectangular projection.

Advanced Applications in Stereographic, Panoramic, and Fulldome Visualisation. ISVRI (International Symposium on VR innovation), Singapore. March 2011.

Photographic contribution to exhibition in Hong Kong.

To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target. Ashleigh Brilliant.


Reverse mapping VR display projections

Cylindrical display in Yagan Square, Perth.

Framing of 360 video for the iDome, Epicylinder and AVIE displays

Image warping for projection onto a cylinder

An interactive tool for evaluating projection options onto cylindrical displays

High resolution omnidirectional stereo panorama imaging and tiled displays

ASKAP exhibition by SPICE. Panoramic and interactive digital exhibits. 2008.

Panorama paintings.

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GoPro MAX 360 Action Cam movie layout/format. Including a utility for converting to equirectangular..

Converting dual fisheye images into a spherical (equirectangular) projection.

Creating unwrapped icosahedral and dodecahredral maps
Equirectangular to perspective projection
Equirectangular to fisheye projection
Equirectangular to cylindrical panorama projection
Cylindrical panorama to equirectangular projection
Converting to/from cubemaps. Including CubeRender (Historical). A technique for fast 3D viewing from a single view position.

Mapping an equirectangular onto another equirectangular, and other projections. Includes Mollweide, Tobler, Aitoff, Hammer, Bottomley, Sinusoidal, Wagner, Werner, Bonne, Eckert IV. Remapping to an equireangular is used, for example, to "level" equirectangular (spherical) images from hand held 360 cameras.

pano_align. A utility and work-flow for aligning film based stereoscopic panoramas.

Creating equirectangular projections using Stellarium.
Creating equirectangular projections using Celestia.
Creating equirectangular projections using GoogleEarth.
Creating equirectangular projection for multipass rendering, eg: Unity3D

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