p a n o r a m a

Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, The University of Western Australia.
Curated by Ted Snell - List of works
3 May - 12 July 2014
Two contributions by Paul Bourke

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Seminar presentation (2 June 2014) - Animation (Half size of original)

Panorama prints
Length: 3m
Printed resolution: 60,000 pixel in width

Paul Bourke, Beacon Island I & II, 2013, digital photographic prints 28 x 250 cm each (in collaboration with the Western Australian Museum and Maritime Archaeology at UWA)

Sample frames from Little Planet animation sequence
Duration: 12 minutes
Resolution: 1920x1080

Paul Bourke, Wanmanna, 2012, digital animation (in collaboration with the Centre for Rock Art Research and Management)