Reality in VR

AVRL - Accelerating Augmented & Virtual Reality

Presentation by Paul Bourke
November 2016


Head mounted displays are one route to immersion, another is through large scale display systems that completely surround the viewer. While these systems are in many ways different to the consumer level VR devices, and they have their own unique challenges, there are also many similarities. One problem they have in common is how does one record high quality image and video content.

Paul Bourke has been working with surround visual systems for over 10 years years in both cylindrical and hemispherical display environments. One of the challenges then, as it is now, is how to capture 360 stereoscopic imagery and video. Paul will present, by means of actual projects, some of his work in this area. He will describe why it is a fundamentally difficult problem and therefore why, despite a huge appetite for video content, there are not yet any ideal solutions.

  • Tell a story
  • Example of 360 video application by the author
  • 360 video, why it's so hard
  • Stereoscopic panorama images and video, why it's harder
  • 3D capture of geometry
  • Alternatives to HMD

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