Information related to stereographics

The following is a collection of material related to the generation and projection of stereoscopic content.

Spatial errors in stereoscopic displays

Photographic gallery of Stereoscopic Installations
Various, mostly passive (polaroid based) stereoscopic projection systems and associated hardware.

Glasses free stereoscopic presentation: A selective review
See also OzViz 2015 presentation slides
A commentary on four autostereoscopic display devices: barrier strip tablet, 4K lenticular display, lenticular prints and synthetic holograms.

Calculating stereo pairs
The correct way to calculate stereo pairs and how to create them using any raytracer (examples from POVRay), some principles for creating easy viewing stereo pairs/movies, and examples on how how to create stereo pairs in OpenGL.
Computing parallax

High resolution omnidirectional stereo panorama imaging and tiled displays

IPOD-Photo Stereoscope
The smallest digital stereoscopic projection system?

VSMM 2007 - Stereoscopy: Theory and Practice
Workshop, 23 September 2007. (Brisbane), P. Bourke, P. Morse

Mesh alignment for stereoscopic projection

Synthetic dynamic hologram
An exercise in creating a full colour hologram of a synthetic object

Projection test: stereoscopic fisheye and iDome

Synthetic stereoscopic panoramic images
Presented at: VSMM 2006, 18-20 October 2006, Xi'an, China. Published in: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Springer, ISBN 978-3-540-46304-7, Volume 4270/2006, pp 147-155.

Stereoscopic panoramic images
Computer generation and projection of stereoscopic 3D panoramic images, includes spherical, cylindrical, planar, and cubic stereoscopic maps. See also: 360 degree stereoscopic display

pano_align: A utility and workflow for aligning film based stereoscopic panoramas.

Filming in stereo, a practical case study and Small scale stereoscopic photography and filming (A Prototype)

Stereo pair photography
The low cost way to photograph/film stereo pairs and how to manually creating stereo pairs from a photograph.

Additional cameras, most stereoscopic, for PovRay
Currently: perspective (stereoscopic), stereoscopic cylindrical panorama, stereoscopic spherical, stereoscopic and offset fisheye.

Stereoscopic dome projection
Proceedings of the Computer Games & Allied Technology 09 (CGAT09), Research Publishing Services, ISBN: 978-981-08-3165-3, pp 136-143. Presented at Computer Games & Allied Technology 09, Singapore, May 12, 2009.

Three common options for passive stereoscopic systems

Create side-by-side stereo pairs in the Unity game engine.

Torque: modifications for stereoscopic projection and user tracking

STEREO2, A stereoscopic geometry viewer

Creating and Viewing Anaglyphs
Viewing red/blue or red/green stereo pairs including how to create them in realtime using OpenGL.

OpenGL based stereo pair slide viewer

OpenGL based 3D surface graphing tool

Stereoscopic visualisation of time varying point fields
Stereoscopic visualisation of time varying surfaces

DepthQ projector
Brief evaluation as a stereoscopic projection solution.

Stereoscopic ghosting correction

Camera frustums for 2 wall stereoscopic projection

Reconstructing temple engravings from stereo pairs

Pulfrich Illusion
Binocular Imbalance and Depth Perception in Visual Display Systems.





Using QuickTime to Present Stereoscopic Movies
Including an older OpenGL based stereoscopic movie player.

Blue line, frame sequential stereo

Lenticular prints and Presentation slides
Autostereoscopic (no glasses) lenticular images.

A small rear projection stereoscopic system
A VPAC (Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing) project. Paul Bourke and David Bannon, April-October 2002.

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