Image Gallery of Stereoscopic Installations

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TMAG, still going after 9 years

National Geosequestration Laboratory, UWA (2014)

5760x3240 pixels

Barco panels, 1920x1080 native stereo

Examples in Sports Science, stereoscopic stimuli (2013)

4m wide screen

4000 ansi lumen projectors


Software based image warping alignment

Examples in Sports Science, stereoscopic stimuli (2011)

Panasonic AG-3DP1 3D video camera (2011)
For those interested in filming for correct scale and depth, the zoom range is 45 degrees (horizontal) maximum zoom out, and 10 degrees maximum zoom in. This can be used to place the camera at the appropriate distance from the intended viewing screen, namely to match the eventual viewer position.

Projection Design F10 AS3D (2010)

Active stereo projection 1400x1050 @ 120Hz

Rear Projection Surface

Current camera rig (2010)



Christie Galaxy (2009)

Active stereo projection 1280x1024 @ 110Hz

Rear Projection Surface

Current camera rig (2009)

Current stereoscopic camera rig, 6.5cm separation

Wollongong Science Centre (2009)

Projector housing

Silver screen

Centre for Learning Technologies (2008)



DepthQ Active (120Hz) Stereoscopic Projector (2008)

Mac Pro + nVidia fx4500


WASP, UWA (2007)

SXGA+ resolution


Canon HD progressive cameras (1080p) stereo camera rig (2007)

Geology Discovery Centre (2007)

Curtin Gallery (2007)

Columbia University (2006)

WASP, University of Western Australia (2006)

Gravitational Discovery Center (2006)

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (2006)

Testing the Goo Systems silver 3D paint product

Mac Powerbook with Matrox dualhead2go product

TMAG - Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart (2006)

Opening, March 7 2006


Sample stereo3D frame from "Home of the Blizzard" by Peter Morse

Paprikaas, Bangalore (2006)

Swinburne V2 (2005)

Mahidol Wittayanusorn School, Thailand (2005)

Stereo video camera rig (2004/2005)

Linear polaroid glasses
A. Lowest cost plastic frame.
B. Plastric frame.
C. Metal frame.
D. Rayban style.
E. Peripheral vision, plastic.

Stereo using a Mac laptop (2005)
Passive stereo, eg: two projectors.
In total, 4 displays from a laptop.
(One internal, three VGA).
Interactive OpenGL software.
Stereoscopic movie playback from an IPOD!

Korea, Cosmodream (2005)

Victorian Institute of Sport (2004)

VROOM (2003)

Local - Mac driven (2002)

Expo - Royal Exhibition Building (2002)

VCV [to become VROOM] Prototype (2002)

IAU, Sydney (2002)

Monash University (2002)

VPAC portable system (2002)

Sydney Observatory (2002)

To Mars and Beyond Exhibition, Canberra (2002)

Jodrell Bank Science Centre, UK (2002)

Swinburne Rack test

Parkes Telescope Visitors Centre (2001)

Swinburne University (Passive stereo) (2001)

Swinburne University (Active stereo) (1999)