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Texture Library

These textures may be freely used as backgrounds, textures in 3D scenes, parts of images, etc but they may not be redistributed as (or part of) a texture collection. The textures are divided into the following categories and an attempt has been made not to burden any single page with too many images. Be aware that some textures can be interpreted in a number of ways. If you find any of these textures useful then why not improve the collection by contributing some of your own. In order to submit your textures to this collection, email myself for further details or simply attach the texture images in an email.

Bricks Stone Sand Dirt Rock Rock Tile
Pebble Granite Marble Plaster Concrete Ceramic Tile
Paving Ash, Coal Wood, Cork Wood Grain Wood Boards Wood Tiles
Bark Tree, Bush Grass Lawn Straw Moss
Leaf Flower Cloth Fibre Seaweed Fungus
Carpet Satin Biology Skin Feet Hair, fur
Paper Wallpaper Design Floral Flag Festive
Balls Maze Fractals Food Swirl Diamond
Hexagon Octagon Grid Circles Icons Stamps
Coins Electronics Brass Bronze Misc Metal Metal Tread
Metal Grid Wire Aluminium Copper Rust Gold
Engrave Ice, Snow Glass, Crystal Water, Liquid Jigsaw Ripple
Mud Fire, Plasma Clouds, Sky Space Architecture Roof
Ancient Doors Windows Grills Ornament Feather
Buttons Mask Shell Tartan Signs Netting
Noise Artificial Rough Other

Note: Not all of these textures tile (at least not automatically). By clicking on any texture you will be given a page with the texture as a tiled background image where you can visually inspect the result of a straightforward tiling. Mirror tiling will need to be arranged by yourselves, ie: WWW browsers don't yet support it.

Recent contributions have been made by Irma Andriani, Ryan Andrews, Lawrence Carstensen, Heidi Ulrich, John Piercey, Tim Meehan, Hasina Bee, John Young, James Carey, Keith Hilen, "halfcountplus", Stewart Kennedy, Acharya das Hargreaves, Joseph Grijalva, 'The Ceasar", Bill Egan, "Wolf Coder", Junior Murray, Galffy Tamas, Rochelle, Fiona Beardsley, Kathleen Marquardt, Salko Safic, James Shand, Stefan Witte, Nathan Stimmel, Pedro Ciena, Travis Williams, Jacque Hartig, Viangt from Paris, Leslie Timmy, Patrick Polk, Jeremy Mikkota, Pam&Ric, Abby Goutal, Karen Fannon, Ran Arad, Benjamin Belau, Justine Brooks, Raresh Branici, Tim Trepanier, Dewayne Davis, Sharon Bateman, "Max Bravo", "Otter Pop Junkie", "Danae", Kevin Chapman, "Nomad", "Agnus", Elizabeth Schwarzenschwert, Arkadiusz Danilecki, "RLH", Chris Contreras, Tim Goetze, Paul Tentmaker, Roy Lent, Milosz Dlugosz, Jennifer Trask, Darrell Crossan, "An Alien", Daryl Schuette, Moritz Grünwald, James Harris, Connye Wolff, Jasper Springeling, Andre Benaldo Thomas, Ben Arria, Simon Fearby, Nimrod Gileadi, Nelson Rodrigues, Bernice Campbell, Sylvia Eckermann, René Amini, Peter van. Voorthuysen, Alex Summerfield, David Batcher, Eric DeRosia, Jeff Cappleman, J. MacGregor, Dan Wills, Edna Armstrong, Richard Driscoll, "Migeater", Alejandro Misas, "Nanny, from the Netherlands".

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