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The following are my personal/professional WWW pages, I hope you find what you're looking for or something else that interests you. These pages come in a number of flavours: reports on projects I've been involved in, notes for myself that I've put online instead of in a paper notebook, tutorials to assist others get started in various technical areas, papers that I've published or collaborated on, various image galleries, and finally some pages that are simply for amusement.

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Papers, Presentations, Workshops −− Geometry, Surfaces, Curves, Polyhedra −− Fractals, Chaos, Self similarity −− Domes, Planetariums, Fisheye, Spherical Mirror −− Stereographics, 3D Projection −− Panorama, 360 Video −− Photographic Reconstruction −− Miscellaneous: Projection, Modelling, Rendering −− Data Formats: 3D, Audio, Image −− Texture Library −− Fun, Puzzles, Travel
Recent : Symmetry in Chaos −− Samila mappings −− Tetrakaidecahedron and Pyritohedron −− Hosier Ln, Melbourne −− MRLY sponge fractals −− Mapping long thin images into higher dimensions −− Voxelation of mesh data: obj2vox −− Unification of free energy minimization, spatiotemporal energy, and dimension reduction models of V1 organization: Postnatal learning on an antenatal scaffold −− Modified decagon tiles −− Mirror effects for 360 viewing −− Phoenix Julia fractal −− Editing historical stereoscopic prints −− Dome Projection and Calibration for Offaxis Fisheye Lenses −− Adventures with the LookingGlass Portrait −− Experiments in Reverse Perspective −− Tools for Spherical Mirror Projection

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