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If you find any of these textures useful then why not improve the collection by contributing some of your own. In order to submit your textures to this collection, email myself for further details or simply attach the texture images in an email.

texture: tile20

(23 Kbytes)

texture: tile14

(2 Kbytes)

texture: bluecrosstile

(9 Kbytes)

texture: bathtile2

(202 Kbytes)

texture: tile22

(6 Kbytes)

texture: ornatetiles1

(246 Kbytes)

Bricks Stone Sand Dirt Rock Rock Tile
Pebble Granite Marble Plaster Concrete Ceramic Tile
Paving Ash, Coal Wood, Cork Wood Grain Wood Boards Wood Tiles
Bark Tree, Bush Grass Lawn Straw Moss
Leaf Flower Cloth Fibre Seaweed Fungus
Carpet Satin Biology Skin Feet Hair, fur
Paper Wallpaper Design Floral Flag Festive
Balls Maze Fractals Food Swirl Diamond
Hexagon Octagon Grid Circles Icons Stamps
Coins Electronics Brass Bronze Misc Metal Metal Tread
Metal Grid Wire Aluminium Copper Rust Gold
Engrave Ice, Snow Glass, Crystal Water, Liquid Jigsaw Ripple
Mud Fire, Plasma Clouds, Sky Space Architecture Roof
Ancient Doors Windows Grills Ornament Feather
Buttons Mask Shell Tartan Signs Netting
Noise Artificial Rough Other