V i e w i n g

The Leonids Meteor Shower is active over the period of November 14 to 20. The maximum for the shower is usually centred around November 17th UT (Solar Longitude 235 degrees). This year for Australia there are 2 maxima.

  • First Maximum: -19 Nov 02.44 LT (Alice Springs) or 18 Nov 17.24UT (4.24am AEDST)
  • Second Maximum: -19 Nov 03.33 LT (Alice Springs) or 18 Nov 18.13UT (5.13am AEDST)

The hourly rate for the Leonids in normal years reaches 10 to 15. Every 33 years The Leonids have the potential of producing higher activity, up to storm levels. The increase in rates is associated with the return of comet Temple-Tuttle, the parent comet responsible for the production of the Leonids. During these years the Leonids have produced rates up to several thousands per hour up to an estimated hundred thousand per hour.

The radiant at maximum is positioned at RA 153 degrees, DEC +22 degrees. The radiant has a drift of 1.0 degrees east per day in RA and -0.4 degrees in DEC.

According to Dr Rob McNaught (Anglo-Australian Observatory), the predicted and the ZHR's have been reduced to 2000 and 8000 respectively. However from a dark site the results should still be spectacular!