Stereoscopy, Theory and Practice

P.D. Bourke, P. Morse
Workshop at: VSMM 2007: Exchange and Experience in Space and Place.
September 2007, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

This workshop will cover a wide range of topics related to stereoscopy from both a theoretical and practical point of view. It will include a comparative discussion of the technology both now and in the future as well as cover how one creates effective stereoscopic content. Specific topics that will be covered are: the creation of synthetic stereoscopic pairs, still photography and video capture, viewing/projection options and their relative merits, the limitations inherent in the current technology, some of the new and future possibilities for stereoscopic viewing/projection, and how to create content exhibiting minimal eye strain. A stereoscopic viewing system will be available to illustrate the various principles and to show examples of work from practitioners in the field.

This workshop will be targeted at a general audience, some experience or knowledge of digital image processing and 3D modelling/rendering would be an advantage. Programming or an in depth knowledge of a particular 3D package is not expected although the presenters will be available to discuss more technical questions at the end of the workshop.

By the end of the workshop attendees will have a general overview of the whole field as well as a good foundation of the underlying theory and therefore be able to independently address issues and problem solve in this field. Attendees interested in stereo photography are encouraged to bring a digital camera and laptop (with image editing software) for experiment capturing, editing, and presenting images on the projection system provided.

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