Virtual Reality: A new facility at UWA

By Paul Bourke
April 2015

New visualisation infrastructure has recently been purchased and installed at iVEC@UWA and the ARRC, funded by an EIF grant to the National Geosequestration Laboratory (NGL), in support of visualisation in Geophysics (CI Prof Lumley). In addition to science data visualisation, the facility has capabilities that enhance the exploration of virtual environments through what is traditionally referred to as virtual reality. The capabilities include high resolution stereoscopic 3D imaging in conjunction with 3D head and IO device tracking.

You are invited to an informal presentation of the technology, its capabilities and the opportunities available in this facility. Due to limited space, 2 one-hour sessions will be run, each commencing with a short introduction followed by examples and discussion. Examples will include current projects in archaeology, namely virtual environments based upon indigenous rock shelters and a virtual model of Beacon Island.

Presentation slides.