Case 2: Three stereoscopic displays

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An exhibition by Peter Morse titled "Antarctica Virtua" at the John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University, Perth, February to March 2007. This exhibition consisted of a total of 5 stereoscopic displays but the main work comprised of 3 stereo displays side by side and each approximately 2.5m wide.


Each screen is driven from one Mac with a Matrox DualHead2Go card, although this wasn't strictly necessary for the G5. The 2048x768 canvas supplied by the Matrox card has the left eye image on the left (1024x768) and the right eye image on the right half. As such each frame of the QuickTime movie is made up of the left and right eye side by side.

Issues and Questions

Stereoscopic image examples (single frames from stereoscopic movies)



Combination of Mac Pro and 24" iMacs, each with a Matrox DualHead2Go box.