Case 8: Ultra wide tiled display

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This 10 day exhibition related to various aspects of the SKA (Square Kilometer Array) project, the wide field array, and ASKAP (SKA pathfinder projects). The exhibition was managed by SPICE, part of the Centre for Learning Technologies, UWA. This exhibit was primarily aimed to demonstrate the remoteness of the wide field array site and therefore its advantage as a radio quiet area for this instrument. In 2006 Peter Morse in conjuction with WASP captured high resolution panoramic images of the Boolardy site. In this exhibition these are displayed on 6 iMacs, although it would scale to much larger numbers. There are 6 image sets in all, they alternate randomly every 2 minutes. The panos slowly pan right to left although an operator can take control and pan at will. All the displays stay in sychronisation to form a coherent panoramic view.

All of this is made possible with network broadcast/listen patches in Quartz Composer. The QC patches are all essentially the same, the only difference is that the iMac on the left uses it's system clock to drive the panning, the other "slaves" use a broadcast varsion of the clock. Similarly the mouse interaction on the "master" is broadcast to the slaves.




Multiple iMac 24" computers
Standard local network switch.