Rock shelter virtual environments

Original photogrammetry and Unity implementation by Paul Bourke
Further Unity development and final builds by Nick Oliver.

Supported by CRAR+M (Centre for Rock Art Research + Management, UWA) and
The Weld Range Web of Knowledge Project.

February 2015

The following provides down-loadable versions of a virtual environment built around various photogrammetrically derived rock shelters. The environment is built in the Unity 3D game engine. Downloadable versions are available below along with some screen dumps.

Game controls

w, s move forward or backward
a, d slide left or right
up/down arrows look up or down
left/right arrows rotate left or right
page up/down jump to different cave
c crouch down
Mouse look left/right/up/down


Mac: Mac build (400MB download)
Windows: Windows build (400MB download)

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