Digital Model of the Royal Exhibition Building (Melbourne, Australia)

Initial release: November 2004

Modelling: Suzanne Bekhit, Amanda Kuek, Handa Lie
Modelling/rendering software: 3D StudioMax
Interactive stereoscopic viewing software: "panoramic"
Interactive dome software: "panodome"

Stereoscopic cylindrical panoramic

Viewing of stereoscopic panoramic images presents a stronger depth cue and immersive experience than non stereoscopic panoramic viewing. It does however require specialised projection hardware.

Left eye panoramic, ground floor

Right eye panoramic, ground floor

Left eye panoramic, second level

Left eye panoramic, second level

QuickTime VR

QuickTime VR is the standard way to present panoramic images to internet based users. Free players are available for Mac OS-X and Wintel machines.

Spherical panorama

These contain all the visual information from a point in space and can thus be used to create any other projection, for example: perspective (QT VR) and fisheye (panodome).

Interactive dome projection

These projections are required for dome projection, for example: small personal domes (Visionstation) or large audience based domes (planetarium).

Full dome, eg: planetarium

Truncated dome

Truncated dome, eg; Visionstation

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