iPhone and iPodTouch projects

Written by Paul Bourke
January 2009


Exploration of 4 high resolution panoramic images from the proposed site of the ASKAP (Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder) project.

Eye of Nagaur

Miniature version of a large screen environment, visualising the inner life of Ahhichatragarh Fort at Nagaur, Rajasthan. Consists of a unique interface to explore 16 panoramic images from the fort.

Original installation conceived and created by Sarah Kenderdine and Jeffrey Shaw.

[Short demonstration video]

Mawsons Hut

Prototype implementation in conjunction with Peter Morse. Consists of a (simple) 3D model of Mawsons hut (Antarctica) populated with 6 high resolution full spherical panoramic images from key positions on the exterior and interior of the hut.

[Short demonstration video]


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Walk about of the proposed ASKAP (Australia Square Kilometer Pathfinder) site complete with 45 dishes located in their real positions on the landscape.

Supported by CSIRO ATNF, UWA Physics, and WASP.

[Short demonstration video]

Notes, at the time of writing for iPhone/iPodTouch second generation.

  • For 30fps operation the limit is about 7000 vertices in view.

  • Screen resolution: 320x480 or 480x320, depending on orientation.

  • 128MB of RAM.

  • Texture memory: 24MB.

  • Maximum texture dimensions: 1024x1024.
    Supported formats: 24-bit RGB, 16-bit RGB, 4-bit PVRTC, 2-bit PVRTC.

  • Maximum refresh rate of the device is 60Hz, Unity clamps it at 30Hz.

  • Based upon OpenGL ES.

  • No pixel shaders and hence very hard to do real-time shadows. Projected shadows possible at the expense of drawing the geometry twice.

  • Only 2 textures at a time per polygon, compared to at least 8 for most graphics cards.