"Crystal Ball" Photography

From the University of Western Australia

Photography by Paul Bourke
July 2012

French translation by Maiwenn Cosqueric.

Winner in the AIP (Australian Institute of Physics) Photographic Competition 2012.
Title: Ball optics.
Description: This photograph is taken near the reflection pool on the University of Western Australia grounds. It is a photograph of a clear glass sphere and can be used to illustrate a number of optical principles. These include, but not limited to, the optics of a spherical lens, specular highlights, and depth of focus (camera lens) as it relates to the lens aperture. The optics of a spherical or so called "ball lens" includes the ability to collimate or focus light. In practical terms they are often employed to improve coupling in fibre and laser optics as well as being used in endoscopy and optical pick-up devices such as bar code scanners.

Victoria Park photographic competition

Exhibition period: September 2012.