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Eclipse Information

On 4 December 2002 there was a total solar eclipse visible in parts of the southern hemisphere - in Africa and the southern parts of Australia. Totality was best seen from Ceduna in South Australia, for a duration of 33 seconds between 7:40pm and 7:42pm local South Australian Summer Time.

Note that you should never look directly at the Sun without the aid of a solar filter or "eclipse sunglasses" specially designed to protect your eyes.

  • Where was the total eclipse seen from? View a map
  • Where in Australia was the total eclipse seen from? View a map
  • Where exactly in South Australia was the total eclipse seen? View a map

Site update

17 September Information posted on the Corona, see the science section.
1 October New images in the gallery and information on safe viewing.
1 December Link to CSIRO webcast of the eclipse, see the viewing section.
10 December Images of the (partial) eclipse from Perth, Western Australia.
13 January Images of the (total!) eclipse from Lake Everard, South Australia.

Eclipse facts: The next total solar eclipse in Australia will occur on Nov 14, 2012 and be visible in far North East of Northern Territory, and parts of North Queensland.

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