Wild Bee Wine

Written by Paul Bourke
Shenzhen, China. Dec 2014

"Wild bee wine", don't you mean "wild honey wine" I hear you ask?
No, seems the bees themselves are fermenting in the two bottles.

And these are no ordinary bees, most are a good 4cm long. Not sure what they pollinate, wouldn't even fit into any of the flowers in my garden. And if I came across one, especially an annoyed one, I would want to get away.

Here's my bottle being prepared/served, a highly hygenic and skilled process. What have I got to lose except my liver. Price: 20 RMB, about $4 Australian.

I won't even attempt to bring bee products back into Australia so will need to drink up. Cheers.

Potent stuff I must say, even when mixed with a liberal quantity of coke.
Not so much a kick, more a sting! [DC]