Shenzhen: Image gallery

Written by Paul Bourke
December 2014

The conference and exhibition center.

View from the top floor of the conference and exhibition building.

It goes on for as far as the eye can see.

Ever want to know what "wild bee wine" is?

Why do these two companies need to ruin the ambiance of places all over the world, damn you MacDonald's and KFC. Laijoe station, green line.

Didn't work out what was going on here, a form of wheel clamping for illegal parking, or a new method of parallel parking.

Not sure what the deal is here at Laijoe, hoards of women with huge bags of "goods", I assume clothing, apparently after buying.

An then they are trying to pile onto the trains, noting that most train stations have stairs so navigating those overloaded trolleys is interesting.

Chronopanorama of the streets of Qinghu, last stop on the north metro line (red).

Bird-cage living.

These circular street displays are popular, of course it is a good demonstration of why multi-viewpoint displays are only suited to specialised content otherwise the image is distorted for everyone.

The most amazing thing about this photograph for this part of the world is there is some blue sky.

Civic Centre.

There are light boxes the whole length of every train stop, surely everyone must be immune to the advertising messages by now. The wierder ones are digital signage on the walls of the underground train tunnels that follow the train, that is, the signs appear stationary. I can only assume these are projected from the train itself.

The more annoying thing about train travel is the bag scan at every entry point. Sorry for the poor photograph, I took my camera out at an earlier entrance and the guards approached me looking displeased, so this is a quickie from a distance.

Not quite sure why I needed this in my hotel room.

And finally, there seems to be a very scary obsession with guns, and serious military guns for that matter.