TMAG - Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery

Peter Morse, Paul Bourke, et al
Original installation: March 2006
Upgrade: June 2007

Original installation March 2006: Blizzard

Directed and produced by Peter Morse.
Panoramic software, hardware installation, consulting: Paul Bourke.
Audio: Trevor Hilton, Peter Morse, Mike Shramnel.
Original stereoscopic photography by Frank Hurley and Andrew Watson (1911-1914).
Supported by The Mawson Collection (South Australian Museum), The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Quote: "The images taken by Frank Hurley, photographer with Mawson's Antarctic expedition, are probably amongst the most recognisable of the historic Antarctic photographs. The fact that much of his imagery was taken using a stereoscopic camera is far less known, and almost never seen. The 3D theatre in the gallery allows visitors to truly enter the Antarctica of yesteryear. The outstanding clarity of the original imagery, and the digital remastering and projection of them, gives viewers an intimate understanding of what life was like. Donning the 3D glasses, visitors can experience a "reach in and touch it" sensation."

Sample image pairs from the movie. The glass plates were scanned, touched up, and software (stereopano) by the author allows one to define zoomed in key frames as one pans across the image from which smooth animation sequences are generated.

Upgrade June 2007: Sensation of Ice

Directed and produced by Peter Morse.
Stereoscopic filming: Peter Morse.
Playback software (Quartz Composer): Paul Bourke.

Quote: "Sensation of Ice is a new 3D virtual tour of Australia's Antarctic Stations and their environments - Mawson, Davis and Casey. Filmed aboard the 10,000 ton Russian icebreaker, the Vasiliy Golovnin, and around the Antarctic continent, the program features stunning immersive video of the southern ocean, the Framnes Mountains, and the polar ice cap - enjoy a helicopter ride around the Sørsdal Glacier - arranged around a series of visual themes. Counterpoised with this contemporary imagery are historic stereoscopic images from Douglas Mawson's 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition - a startling conjunction of the old and the new. The video sequences are played via a sophisticated stochastic engine - meaning the content will never play the same way twice - it is also an adventure in experiencing the Antarctic environment as if you were there yourself."