Contributions to Songlines Exhibition

National Museum of Australia
15 September - 25 February 2018

3D model of the interior of Cave Hill

A complete 3D model of the cave generated using photographic 3D reconstruction techniques.

Aerial photography of Cave Hill

Selection of two 360 panoramas from a drone above Cave Hill.

02 (Navigable version)

03 (Navigable version)

3D models of the Tjampi dolls

3D models of all 7 Tjampi dolls were created using photographic 3D reconstruction techniques. Two examples are presented below.

Movie: HD (1920x1080) -- Half size (960x540)

Movie: HD (1920x1080) -- Half size (960x540)

360 equirectangular panoramas

Almost 50 full 360x180 panoramas were captured from the inside and outside of the cave.

Interior panorama 06 (Navigable version)

Interior panorama 17 (Navigable version)

Exterior panorama 25 (Navigable version)

Exterior panorama 31 (Navigable version)