Figure 3a

Effects of stimulus extension and coherence on synchronous oscillation.
Oscillations of local field potential (left hand figures), spectral power (middle figures) and pulse-density cross-correlations (right hand figures) in the simulated cortical field, as zero-mean inputs are swept across the field in imitation of the visual stimuli associated with moving bars. A single bar has coherent white noise inputs applied at each portion of the bar. Separate bars have no input signal correlations - see text for details. Diffuse field noise amplitude 0.000033. Top graphs: two short bars moving in the same direction. Middle graphs: two short bars moving in opposite directions. Bottom graphs: one long bar moving across the field. In this figure and in all following figures, cross-correlations were associated with standard errors of approximately 0.005 +/- 0.001. Thus, visible differences in cross-correlation are highly statistically significant.