Figure 6
Detail of local-map and corresponding inputs using type II connectivity. In this experiment the network was stimulated with moving bars and small moving blobs. Upper left of figure shows detail of a singularity and its surrounding map of orientation preference. Right of figure shows the map of indirect inputs to each of the 64 minicolumns. Indirect input weights vary from 0 (white) to 0.005 (black). In the centre of the pinwheel, the indirect inputs arise from the centre of the field of vision, where this pinwheel is located retinotopically. At the edges of the pinwheel, inputs arise more from the periphery of the visual field. The orientation preference of the cell is defined by both the presence of strong connections overlying a line of that orientation, and by the lack of connections in along an orthogonal axis. Lower left of figure shows the region of the pinwheel which receives strong inputs from the fovea.