Places to Visit in Melbourne

Table of contents

Virtual Heritage Conference (RMIT / Museum)
  • This Wednesday, Thursday (25th/26th September 2002)

  • $55 per person

Planetarium (ScienceWorks, Spotswood)
  • 22m diameter dome

  • Digistar projector, swivel CRT projectors, 20+ slide projectors

ICE theatre (Melbourne Museum)

  • 3 large walls

  • Touch screen for every two audience seats

  • $4.50 for ICE only ticket

ICUBED Reality Centre (RMIT)

  • Wide angle curved screen

  • Powerful graphics engine. Capable of stereographics

  • Open for public viewings every second Thursday.

Swinburne Visualisation Theatre

  • Single wall

  • Stereographic (Computer or DVD)