Case 6: Driving the Sony4K projector

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The Sony4K projector at the time of writing is the highest resolution data projector available with a native output resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. It creates this resolution by internally tiling 4 x 2048x1080 panels but note that the resulting image is entirely with out any seams. The interface to this projector consists of 4 DVI inputs, this is achieved on a single Mac by having 2 graphics cards, each with 2 DVI outputs. The cards use here were the ATI 1900XT.

The content presented here is a collection from visualisation professionals around Australia, formed into a showreel for the APAC 2007 conference held in Perth. Brochures of the content can be found here.




Mac Pro, Dual ATI 1900XT graphics cards.
Sony 4K projector with 4 DVI inputs.