Case 5: Three 30 inch Apple displays

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Display is 7680 pixels across by 1600 high, panoramic images are 12288x1600 pixels.
Perfect colour matching between the panels.

It is interesting from this point of view .... I have one spare DVI port on the computer so could attach another display. This would give a total of 4 x 2560 x 1600 pixels > 16MPixels. Compare this to tiling twelve 17" displays (or projectors) in a 4x3 grid, which is something people are doing. If each display/projector is 1280x1024 this is less than 16MPixels. While not a edge blended seamless display, the Apple 30" displays are perhaps the most cost effective means of creating a high pixel count display wall.

In order to get around the limited size (4096 pixels in this case) for a single texture in Quartz Composer (and other) packages each pano is split into three pieces such that the full resolution of the panoramic images is displayed. The Quartz scripts handle this by offsetting the billboards onto which the pieces are displayed. The panoramic images slowely and smoothly pan right to left, and transition (cross fade) between the 5 panoramic images available.



Mac Pro, dual ATI X1900 graphics cards.