Case 4: Driving the Sensis high ef HMD

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The Sensis head mounted display consists of 8 displays, 4 per eye and independent displays in order to support stereoscopic propjection. As such the controller that comes with the device expects 8 VGA signals as input. This was achieved with two dual port graphics cards, each card drives one display from one port and three displays with the other port by employing a Matrox triple-head-2-go box. The result is a stereoscopic display with a wide peripheral vision at a resolution of 3200x600 pixels per eye (each display on the HMD is 800x600)..

Screen dumps showing display layout



Mac Pro, dual ATI X1900 graphics cards, two Matrox triplehead2go video boxes. Sensis HMD with 4 displays arranged in a twin 4x1 matrix (one 4x1 matrix per eye).