Case 3: Presentation of high definition panoramic images

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In this exercise the intention was to slowly pan one of 4 high definition panoramic images from the left to the right across two 30" Apple displays. Each panoramic image was a 16000x2000 pixel image, at any one time perhaps 1/3 of the panoramic image would be visible across the dual displays, it would take perhaps a minute for the panning to complete 360 degrees and then switch to the next panoramic image. Total display dimensions: 5120 pixels by 1600.


Each display is driven by it's own Quartz Composer composition, this is due to the limitation that fullscreen of a QC composition only affects one display, a common limitation for full screen mode for Mac applications but a limitation not imposed by the graphics/window system! The content is synchronised (the positions of the sprites on each display) by performing all timing and positioning with respect to the system clock. Quartz composer files for each screen are provided here: boolardy1.qtz and boolardy2.qtz (actual panoramic media files not included).

Issues and Questions

Panoramic image example

The following is an example of one of the panoramic images, the image below is a 1/20 scaled down version, clicking on the following image will show a 1/8 scaled down version.



Mac G5 (PPC) and Quadro FX4500 graphics card (2 x dual link DVI), 2 Apple 30" displays.