VRML Evaluation

Delivering 3D data/graphics/visualisation

Paul Bourke

Original: August 2003, Updated: July 2006


This is an area I use to test and demonstrate various aspects of VRML as a means of distributing 3D models and systems to end users.

Some of the samples here are intentionally designed to push the graphical processing power to the limit, initially I suggest you choose a large value of subsampling. Most "good" cards can handle the large datasets but some of the examples may take some time to transfer aver the data on a slow connection. I haven't tried these on machine without OpenGL (or DirectX) hardware support, the 3D interaction will certainly perform rather poorly in those cases.

For those cases where the mime type is required, it is model/vrml. In the old days it was common to use "x-world/x-vrml" and that may still be required for some sites with VRML files but it won't work here.

Static models
Pulsar positions
Pulsars within galaxy
Simulated Universe cube
Protein molecule (1700 spheres)
Cubic environment

2dF database explorer
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Subsample by:
Show Decoration:

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6dF database explorer
Colour Map:
Display: Hemisphere projection
3D positions

Brent Tully database explorer
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Browser / plug-in testing

These models have been tested using the following platforms, vrml viewers and browsers. In most cases, once the helper application or plug-in has been installed then it will work for all browsers. Please note this is not a comprehensive list, if you successfully view these files on other combination then please let me know.
Mac OS-X Safari
Cartona plugin for PPC, Not available for Intel Macs!
Just copy the plugin into the /library/Internet Plug-Ins/ directory.

Unfortunately this seems to be a dead product, no release since 2002 and it doesn't seem to work on the new Intel machines from Apple.

FreeWRL is also available for the Mac but at the time of writing only as a separate application, not as a browser plugin.

Linux NetScape
MSWindows MSIE
Cartona plugin