Visible Human Database

Animations produced from the visible human database in 1999 for the human body exhibit at the Melbourne Museum.

The Visible Human Project is a research project of the National Library of medicine. The general plan being "....the creation of complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the normal male and female human bodies." The visible human database currently consists of two bodies, a male and female. The bodies were frozen at death, sliced, and digitised. The male at about 1mm slice separation, the female at about 0.3mm slice separation.



The following animations present slices through the visible woman voxel dataset along each of the three orthogonal axes. Each animation consists of 500 frames but the physical step size is not equal in each direction. The database has about 5000 slices in the top-to-bottom direction, 2000 slices in the right-to-left direction, and 1000 slices in the front-to-back direction.