UWA @ SecondLife
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Maintained by Paul Bourke

The following is a photographic record of the contents and events on the various SecondLife (SL) regions maintained by the University of Western Australia. At the time of writing there are two adjacent regions, both will contribute to a UWA campus model and both support a free sandpit. The WASP/iVEC region is intended for more exploratory work by UWA groups.

SecondLife in high resolution (5000 pixels by 5000 pixels)



Jokaydia meeting

UWA teleport location

Sunken gardens

Data visualisation region
SecondLife panoramas

First UWA Art competition "party"

Winning building entry

Official opening of the UWA regions

Opening address by Jay Jay Jegathesan


Opening fireworks and balloons

Opening by the VC, Alan professor Alan Robson

Remote presentation by A/Prof Wade Halvorson

Slides (PDF) by Paul Bourke.
Opening of the Starlight photographic exhibition by John Goldsmith (20 Aug 2009)

Presentation by Jay Jay streamed into SL

Audience members

Post opening discussion in the Physics foyer

Seated audience watching streaming video and slides

Talk by John Goldsmith

Video streamed from RL to SL

Ribbon cutting

Inside the gallery after opening

Screen capture during the event
Images from the WASP region

Molecular visualisation

ASKAP dish

Fractals, in this case the Menger sponge

Molorola building

"SketchLife" example by Evgeni Sergeev

MRO - Murchison Radio Observatory array
Group meetings