Silly Statements from my Bank

Received by Paul Bourke
Started: January 1999
Updated: January 2002

After discharging my home loan quite some time ago and even closing my home loan account, my bank finds it appropriate to send statements as illustrated below. This is inspite of two attempts to inform them that I no longer need them and they don't actually convey any useful information. (Read the text and projections, some are quite humorous). There are, at least, the following disturbing aspects of this

  • Their systems and software are so "dumb" that they don't flag such statements as unnecessary.

  • The system doesn't have a "human" presence that would certainly pick up something like this.

  • In this era of worrying about year 2000 bugs, if the bank can't get someting as simple as this worked out what luck will they have more more complicated y2k issues.

Yes, another one arrived today, January 2002!