Black and white hats

A king wants his daughter to marry the most logical of 3 intelligent princes, and so comes up with a test for them.

The princes are gathered into a room and seated, facing one another, and are shown 2 black hats and 3 white hats. They are blindfolded, and 1 hat is placed on each of their heads, with the remaining hats hidden in a different room.

The king tells them that the first prince to correctly identify the color of his hat will marry his daughter. A wrong guess will mean death.

The blindfolds are then removed. You are one of the princes, you see 2 white hats on the other prince's heads. What color is your hat?

If you are unsure of your answer you can request confirmation by emailing me at the address shown here. Please state which problem you need confirmation on clearly. Please do not email me simply for answers, the enjoyment derived from a puzzle is proportional to the time spent on it.

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