Total Lunar Eclipse (2000)

Starting 20:47, Sunday July 16, 2000 (Local time)
Ending 3:05, Monday July 17, 2000 (Local time)

Current local time: Friday, 19-Jul-2024 16:17:53 EDT

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For another camera and more information on the eclipse, see the Astronomical Society of Victoria. Visit Universe Today for a complete list of astrocameras.

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Quicktime movie from 8:45 until 11:15 pm.
I m a g e   G a l l e r y
10pm (Enters umbra)
12pm (mid-eclipse)
00:50am (End of totality)
1:00am (End of totality)
The fog is rolling in.
Transmission ending!
1:45am (Leave umbra)

Camera/video Hardware: Swinburne TAFE Industrial Sciences
Computer Hardware: Astrophysics and Supercomputing
WWW server: Swinburne University IT services
Video/Photography: Geoff Dudley
Location/Telescope: Graham Bunn
Design/Technical: Paul Bourke Windows dialup/networking: Craig West
Software: WebCam32, Apache