Image Gallery of Dome Installations

Many using the spherical mirror approach invented by the author

Compiled by Paul Bourke

Baptist University (2023)
4m dome, 2400x2400 pixel fisheye.





Tsz Shan Monastry (2023)
3m dome, folded light path



SkyWatch Observatory, Coonabarabran (2022)
6m dome.



Mawson Lake planetarium, UniSA (2022)
8m dome.





Hamilton Secondary School (2021)
9m dome.



CityU, Hong Kong (2021)
Two 3m diameter iDomes, one with navigable video, the other still images.



Fo Guang Shan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2021)
Two 4m diameter iDomes.



Navitar 3.5x multiplier lens (2021)

Immersive room projection

3.5x multiplier lens

Colorado State University (2021)

Elliptical dome

Fisheye projection

The HIVE, Curtin University (2020)

4K resolution, 11K ansi lumens


The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Murdoch University (2019)

4K resolution, 12K ansi lumens


EPFL (Switzerland). Twin Sony 4K projectors (2018)


Phobia2: The Science of Fear (2017)

Home grown fisheye projection


Mandurah Performing Arts Centre (2017)
4m diameter dome, dual projectors and spherical mirrors

Setting up


On the night




Pokhara planetarium (2017)
10m diameter dome, 1600 pixel fisheye circle @ 7500 ANSI lumens.



EPICentre Domelab (2016)
6m diameter negative pressure surface, 8 x 2560x1600 resolution projectors, true 4K projection





UNSW Domelab (2015)
6m diameter negative pressure surface, 8 x 2560x1600 resolution projectors, true 4K projection





Adelaide planetarium (2016)
8m diameter dome, 1600 pixel fisheye projection, 7500 ansi lumens







All three small dome projections system in one photograph. Spherical mirror, fisheye projector and opto-mechanical star projector

Launceston planetarium


Navitar fisheye lens
Marketed as Projection Design (now Barco) H95 fisheye lens



Excellent, essentially 0 chromatic error

Domes too difficult, have a nice clean rectangular room?

ScienceWorks, Melbourne
3m diameter iDome



NTU (Nanyang Technical University), Singapore
3m diameter iDome





MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main
Title: "Eternity through the Stars"
Artist: Jeronimo Voss, photographer: Axel Schneider
4m diameter tilted iDome





South Australia Museum, Adelaide
3m diameter iDome



WISH forum, Doha
3m diameter dome




Curtin University, Perth

4m diameter dome
Elumenati lens 180 x 112 degree fisheye lens
Projection design F35 projectors, 2560x1600 pixels


Elumenati lens and WQXGA projector iDome
3m diameter dome





Edith Cowan University iDome
3m diameter dome





Terengganu planetarium
10m diameter dome





Kuching planetarium
15m diameter dome





Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Culture Centre
West Australia
4m diameter dome





Bangalore planetarium
15m diameter dome


Mitsubishi UD8400 projector





Manipal, India
8m dome





Sri Sathya Sai Space Theatre
Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, India



Spitz 512 Star Projector


Hang glider by Thomas Verbeek
University of Otago





Home built dual mirror system, Fort Lupton Colorado.

GOTO Mars m-1


Newtonian projector mount



Evaluation of the SX3 fisheye solution in the iDome
3m dome.





GeoDome for DomeLab 2010 (UWA, Perth), courtesy of AARNET
7m dome.


Tasmanian fisheye time-lapse by Peter Morse

DomeLab preview

Elumenati SX3 projector and fisheye lens

"Space Science for Schools", Incline Village, Nevada
5m dome.

4 Ring inflatable from Go-Dome

Aerospace Education Services Sdn Bhd, Malaka, Malaysia
5m dome.

PICA (Perth Institute for Contemporary Arts)
PICA Atrium, 20m x 10m x 3 stories.

Interactive astronomy visualisation

6 Projectors cover the lower walls,
spherical mirror for upper walls and ceiling

Remote operations control room

Dolphinarium and Planetarium, Tampere, Finland
13m dome.

John McCormick, Melbourne
3.75m dome.


Semitransparent shell

Laupheim, Germany
10m dome.

A different configuration than usual


CompanyOf, performing arts and media company in Adelaide, Australia
4.5m dome.





Cosmology Gallery, Gravitational Discovery Center.
20m diameter Bucky-Ball dome.


Great Barrier Reef

Gogo fish

Liver dataset

5 projector projection, each onto one pentagonal panel.

View from the top of the Leaning Tower of GinGin


Projection onto 2 of the 5 pentagonal panels


Mueller Planetarium. Nebraska, USA.
10m diameter


Dawn of the Space Age (Mirage3D)

Secret of the Cardboard Rocket (by Clark Planetarium)


Kaluoka'hina, The Enchanted Reef (Softmachine)

Kaluoka'hina, The Enchanted Reef (Softmachine)

Bryan Sailors

Méta-crâne by Thomas Israël (Belgium)

Dome with assistance from Numediart

Atlantis VR (Spain)

King Middle School Planetarium in Omaha, Nebraska
8m diameter

Final design



Version 1: Prototype

Montreal Art School testing Blender fisheye solution
4.5m diameter

Fisheye (realtime) demo using Blender


Orbital Visions
7m diameter

Orb Lounge


Earth Festival, Sydney 2008

SciTech (Perth) / Questacon (Canberra), iDome
3m diameter

OutThere Exhibition


Wollongong Science Centre
10m diameter

Frozen in Time (Peter Morse)

Volume Visualisation Under the Dome

Wollongong Science Centre, iDome
3m diameter


Christ Our King Church in Bellefontaine, Ohio





APS (Australasian Planetarium Society) conference, Perth May 2008
6m diameter

Inflatable dome

Courtesy David Carson

"Treehuggers" installation by Gatze Zonneveld





Adelaide planetarium
South Australia
8m diameter dome

Game play in the Adelaide planetarium By Timon Burney





Toongabbie East, Syndey



Kuching Planetarium, Sarawak, East Malaysia
15m diameter







Go-Domes Projector/Mirror rack.



Universidad Panamericana
Mexico City



Hogar de los Planetarios Portatiles: Mirror stand



Auckland Museum (Temporary)
New Zealand



Dept of Neurobiology and Anatomy
University of Rochester, USA



Museo Interactivo de Xalapa

Courtesy Ramon Vargas


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA



iDome, iVEC@UWA
3m diameter
Further images

3m Diameter dome

Polar test pattern

Fisheye from Hampi, courtesy of Sarah Kenderdine

It's a Matter of Time

Origins of Life, Mirage 3D

Cosmological Simulation

Terry Renner



Graphite 2005 (ACM Siggraph), Art Exhibition
5m diameter inflatable

Graphite 2005 Art Exhibition

Graphite 2005 Art Exhibition

Various (temporary) projector/mirror rigs

Test rig, Swinburne University

Adelaide planetarium

Hawthorn Town Hall
7m diameter inflatable

Ribbed dome test (SkySkan)

Fisheye lens and projector

Swinburne University