Fulldome Geometry Series: Part 1

Part of the ASTC (Association of Science and Technology Centers)
Fulldome Video Showcase by E&S Spitz Inc.
October 2007


Also part of the Graphite (ACM Siggraph) Fulldome showreel, December 2007.

Visuals and animation: Paul Bourke
Music: Peter Morse

Length: 3 min 34 sec
Frames: Fisheye projections, 4096x4096 pixels at 30 fps.
Rendering: PovRay and locally created animation scripts on a 200 CPU SGI Altix.

MP4 download: GeometrySeries.mp4

Sample frames

Credits sequence.

Inverted Truchet tile.

Serpinski gasket.

Quaternion fractal.

Menger Sponge.