Plant Energy Biology

Flier/brochure: PlantariumPoster.pdf
Script: script.pdf
Screened at Scitech, February 2015

Sample frames

Production credits

Producer: Karina Price (ARC CoE in Plant Energy Biology, UWA)
Narration: Harvey Millar (ARC CoE in Plant Energy Biology, UWA)
Visualisation: Paul Bourke (iVEC@UWA)
Music Composition & Production: Alexander Waite Mitchell
Plant timelapse: Tim Brown (ARC CoE in Plant Energy Biology, ANU)
DNA animation: Drew Berry (The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)
Bio-Bounce animation: Robert Mace
Molecular modelling: Charlie Bond (UWA School of Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Diffraction data: Australian Synchrotron, Charlie Bond (UWA)
Network data: Michael Vacher (ARC CoE in Plant Energy Biology, UWA)
Network data: Yathunanthan Sivarajah (Pawsey Supercomputing Centre)
Audio recording: Akos Bruz (iVEC@UWA)
Dome integration: Jeff Harris and Simon Robinson (Scitech Planetarium)
Graphic Design: Chris Brown (Eyecue Design)
Panorama photography: Paul Bourke (iVEC@UWA)

Sample QuickTime movies

512x512 pixels -- 1024x1024 pixels