Define Drawing Creation Time


The Define Drawing Creation Time function provides information to DWF reading applications about when the .dwf file was generated.


Opcode format Opcode Operand Format Comments
Extended ASCII (Created <ws><Itime><ws><TDesc>) Defines when file was generated


Time The number of seconds elapsed since midnight (00:00:00), January 1, 1970, coordinated universal time (GMT)

Desc Any humanly readable description of the time when the file was generated


Some DWF reading applications may need to "know" when the .dwf file was created. The DWF generating application can indicate this need with the Created opcode:

(Created 820497600 'January 1, 1996')


DWF reading applications should not expect to be able to parse the Desc argument, though it can be shown to a user.

A .dwf file should contain a maximum of one occurrence of the creation time opcode, which by convention should be nested inside a Define Drawing Information Block opcode.


By default no drawing creation time is defined, which is equivalent to

(Created 0 unknown)


Implementation in WHIP! Versions

Toolkit Function




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See Also

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