POV-Ray RAW triangle format

Original by Steve Anger
Compiled by Paul Bourke
February 1996

This format is used primarily for inputting triangular facet geometry through the POV utility RAW2POV. The switches below refer to options required by these utilities so they can determine the type of information provided for each facet.

The triangle data can be organized in one of three formats:

1) Default - Nine numbers per triangle

      Ax  Ay  Az  Bx  By  Bz  Cx  Cy  Cz

    e.g.  -3.5 -4.1 -5.0  -3.9 -6.2 -5.0  -3.4 -6.2 -7.0

2) Fractint colour (-fc) - Twelve numbers per triangle

      R  G  B  Ax  Ay  Az  Bx  By  Bz  Cx  Cy  Cz

    e.g.  1.0 1.0 0.0  -3.5 -4.1 -5.0  -3.9 -6.2 -5.0  -3.4 -6.2 -7.0

3) Texture names (-ft) - Nine numbers and one texture name per triangle

      Ax  Ay  Az  Bx  By  Bz  Cx  Cy  Cz  TEXTURE

    e.g.  -3.5 -4.1 -5.0  -3.9 -6.2 -5.0  -3.4 -6.2 -7.0  RedPlastic

Ax, Ay, etc are the x,y,z coordinates of the three triangle vertices A, B, and C. R, G, and B represent the Red, Green, and Blue components of the triangle colour and range from 0.0 to 1.0. TEXTURE is a string indicating the texture name. The numbers/names can be separated by spaces, tabs, or carriage returns.

Non-numeric identifiers can be used to separate groups of triangles representing different objects. See CHESS.RAW for an example.