NUAGES slice format

Format by Bernhard Geiger
Compiled by Paul Bourke

NUAGES is a tool for 3D reconstruction from parallel cross-sections. It takes as input a set of simple closed polygons on parallel planes, and generates as output set of triangles (and vertex normals) representing the surface of a 3D polyhedra, and/or a set of tetrahedra filling the 3D polyhedra. The program currently supports the following output formats: wavefront .obj format, DXF format, inventor (iv) format, VRML format, stereo lithography format (STL) and Object File Format (.off) format.

The input format is a simple ascii file, for example:
                  s 23          23 cross-sections
                  v 17 z 0.2    17 vertices in first
                                cross-section, z=0.2
                  {             begin first contour
                  143.00 13.72  x,y of first vertex
                  }             end first contour
                  {             begin second contour
                  }             end second contour
                  v 24 z 8.3    24 vertices in second
                                cross-section, z=8.3
The example that comes with the NUAGES pages is pelvis.cnt


B. Geiger.
Three-dimensional modelling of human organs and its application to diagnosis and surgical planning.
Technical Report 2105, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique, (France), Dec 1993.