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xf - begin or end transformation context


xf [ transform ]


If a set of transform arguments are given, we push a new transformation context onto the stack. If the xf keyword is given by itself, then we pop the last transformation context off the stack. The total transformation in effect at any given time is computed by prepending each set subcontext arguments onto those of its enclosing context. This and other details about transformation specifications are explained in some detail in section 2.2.2.

The following transformation flags and parameters are defined:

-t dx dy dz
translate objects along the given vector
-rx degrees
rotate objects about the X-axis
-ry degrees
rotate objects about the Y-axis
-rz degrees
rotate objects about the Z-axis
-s scalefactor
scale objects by the given factor
mirror objects about the Y-Z plane
mirror objects about the X-Z plane
mirror objects about the X-Y plane
-i N
repeat the following arguments N times
-a N
make an array of N geometric instances


# Create 3x5 array of evenly-spaced spheres (grid size = 3)
v vc =
	p 0 0 0
xf -t 1 1 10 -a 3 -t 3 0 0 -a 5 -t 0 3 0
	sph vc .5


i, ies, o