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torus - create a regular torus


torus vc rmin rmax


Create a torus of the current material centered on the named vertex vc with an inner radius of rmin and an outer radius of rmax. The plane of the torus will be perpendicular to the normal vector associated with vc. If this vertex is undefined or has no normal, an error will result.

If a torus with an inward facing surface normal is desired, rmin and rmax may be negative. The minimum radius may be zero, but may not be negative when rmax is positive or vice versa. The magnitude or rmax must always be strictly greater than that of rmin.


# The proverbial brass ring -- easy grip version
o brass_ring
	m brass
	v center =
		p 0 0 0
		n 0 1 0
	torus center .02 .03


cyl, cone, f, m, prism, ring, sph, v