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ies - include IESNA luminaire file


ies pathname [ -m multiplier ] [ transform ]


Load the IES standard luminaire information contained in the file pathname. If a multiplier is given, all candela values will be multiplied by this factor. (This option must appear first if present.) If a transform specification is given, then it will be applied as though the statement were enclosed by beginning and ending xf entities with this transformation.

The pathname will be interpreted relative to the enclosing MGF file, and all restrictions discussed under the i entity also apply to the IES file name. The suggested suffix is ".ies", but this has not been followed consistently by lighting manufacturers.


# Insert 10 2x4' fluorescent troffers in two groups
ies cf9pr240.ies -t 3.6576 2.1336 2.74 -a 3 -t 2.4384 0 0 -a 2 -t 0 2.4384 0
ies cf9pr240.ies -rz 90 -t 1.2192 1.8288 2.74 \
                -a 2 -t 9.7536 0 0 -a 2 -t 0 3.048 0


i, o, xf