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i - include MGF data file


i pathname [ transform ]


Include the information contained in the file pathname. If a transform specification is given, then it will be applied as though the include statement were enclosed by beginning and ending xf entities with this transformation.

The pathname will be interpreted relative to the enclosing MGF file. That is, if the file containing the include statement is in some parent or subdirectory, then the given pathname is appended to this directory. It is illegal to specify a pathname relative to the root directory, and the MGF standard requires that all filenames adhere to the ISO-9660 8.3 name format for maximum portability between systems. The directory separator is defined to be slash ('/'), and drive specifications (such as "c:") are not allowed. All pathnames should be given in lower case, and will be converted to upper case on systems that require it. (That way, there are no accidental name collisions.)\0

The suggested suffix for MGF-adherent files is ".mgf". Files that are not in metric units but are in MGF may be given any suffix, but we suggest using ".inc" as a convention.


# Define vertices for 62x30" partition
# Insert 2 62x30" partitions
o cpart1
        i -t 75 130.5 0
o cpart3
        i -t 186 130.5 0
# Define vertices for 62x36" partition
# Insert 62x36" partition
o cpart2
        i -t 105 130.5 0


ies, o, xf